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Welcome New Users! Read for Rules, Help, Bugs and where we put the Game Servers

If this is your first time at Level1Techs, welcome to our community forums! If you are here just to read the rules, please proceed below.

Please read the FAQ for the The Universal Rules of Civilized Discourse for being a great member of the community.


The following rules set out some additional specific restrictions within the forums.

1. No NSFW Content

Although mature content is allowed, (news, history, etc.) NSFW content, including nudity, graphic sexual content, gore, etc, is not allowed. This applies to both real and animated content (i.e. ‘plot’ gifs, nsfw anime content, etc).

2. No Religious or Political Content outside of the #politics category

Religious and political discussions frequently become divisive arguments and are outside the scope of this forum. You may opt-in to politics by joining the politics group. Discussion of tech policy or tech law is acceptable.

3. No Illegal Content

Posting or linking to any content considered illegal in the USA is forbidden. This can include, but is not limited to: pirated software, downloads of copyrighted materials you do not have permissions to redistribute, grey market keys or similar.

4. Off-topic/low-effort Posts May be Moved or Removed.

This is a forum and not an instant messaging service. Keep off-topic chat to the Forum Lounge or the Discord Lounge. Moderators reserve the right to move or remove posts when they are off-topic/low-effort to the original post or if they are derailing a thread.

5. No Doxing or Impersonation

Impersonation of any member of the community (including staff) is not tolerated. Doxing of any member of the community is not tolerated.

6. No Discrimination of any Kind

Racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination is not allowed on these forums. We want to welcome everyone to our forums, no matter their skin color, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Derogatory terms meant to belittle or insult users will not be tolerated.

7. Our Buy/Sell/Trade forum does have additional rules that you need to read.

8. No Hardware Tech Mega Threads

Things get lost, buried, or potential hidden in Hardware Tech Mega Threads. All MEGA Threads on Hardware Tech will be shut down and not allowed to exist. What does this mean? If you want to make a Thread about Ryzen 2 or Ryzen + processors, you can. Or if you want to talk about a specific Ryzen 2 Processor you can. However you’d have to make a separate thread for Ryzen 2 laptop processors. Basically you are allowed to make topics about individual hardware tech but not an all encompassing mega thread.

9. No self-promotion or Spam

Spam posters will be immediately blocked and deleted. Self-promoting posts will be removed unless it becomes a habit, then the poster will be removed. (Self-promotion applies to any post aimed at making profit off of clicks, products, or website visits.)

10. Keep discussion civil

While we understand discussions can get passionate, flaming or baiting people into a heated argument for the purpose of spectacle is not appropriate on Level1Techs.

11. And finally, have fun staying at Level1Techs!

If you feel like your argument skills could use a little help, please see this guide written by Wendell.

How to Argue on the Internet
If a user is constantly getting “out of hand” they may be asked to read this a second time.

The moderators and administrators reserves the right to move/merge threads/posts when it is required. We may edit/delete posts and edit/lock/delete threads requested by a user or users, or if we deemed it in breach of the rules. Final decisions on moderation of the forum are made by us.
First time offenders will receive a warning. Second time offenders will receive a temporary ban. Third time offenders will be banned indefinitely. Note these penalties can vary due to the judgement of the moderator and severity of the situation.
[1]If you have any problems or queries with the thread or post in your question, please use the flagging button, but do not misuse the feature, as it could be taken as an offence. If you have a problem with the user in general, or if you have any questions with the rules or about us, PM one of our moderators or administrators.

Rules last updated on 13/12/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy)


Additional information about Trustlevels.

You can read more about trust levels uphere.


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We have now a special bug section, in which you could report any bugs according to the forum or website.

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