(WTB) Athlon x4 860k

You know the score. I can't make my old 750k last anymore. It's long overdue for a change out. I'm pretty sure It's bottle necking my 6950.

Wouldn't be worth it to upgrade, also wouldn't you need to buy an FM2+ board with it?

For tinkering, I bought an Athlon x4 845, which will most likely replace my Athlon x4 760K. I am just waiting for Gigabyte to release a BIOS update that allows support for the new part. Would you have any interest in the 760K, once I make the swap?

The boards are FM2/FM2+

Only if it was free dude

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well an 860k is only going to be like a 5-10% performance jump, just save your money for AM4 if wanna stick with AMD man, it should be coming out soon anyways with the new APUs

For whatever reason, I read this under the impression that his Athlon X4 750K was dying.

Probably the best option would be to just overclock it, if you have not already. Unless you can't overclock past 4.2ghz, you probably won't notice too much difference.

If you are in USA or CA or UK

These AMD X4 CPU's are available on NEWEGG USA and Amazon USA

They are blocked for sale in Australia

From what Ive seen the 860K ALMOST match's the G3258 and G4400 performance
even being a quad core

WIth ZEN just around the corner just wait for a new X4 CPU on ZEN

This thread is 9 months old, I'm pretty sure he's got a chip by now if not an entire new system.

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Maybe close threads after 6 months then

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I suppose that topic starter allready found a cpu.
So i gonne put a lock on this topic.
If he still is looking for a cpu, then topic starter can send me a pm,
and i will re-open this thread if needed.