World Health Organization Attacking Gamers

I want to see leve1tech YouTube news channel comment on the topic of how the World Health Organization is attacking gaming and claiming it is now an addiction that needs to be covered by health insurance and treatments. This is the biggest load of bullshit and it only serves to drive up costs of health insurance coverage. What now, gamers start receiving disability checks too? Lets focus on real problems like people using cell phones while driving or alcohol use. Why don’t we ever focus on the real problems, is it because we don’t really have the answers to them? I’m 62 years old ad I like gaming because it gives my boring life something to do. I don’t think I have ever had the urge to go out and do harm to myself or anybody else, I take care of my pets, and I keep a clean household including myself. If someone won’t take a bath or go take a piss because they are addicted to gaming then there is something else going on there and it just comes down to plain laziness. I can’t believe that all the asshole news outlets report this crap and there are people actually believing it.

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Please provide a link next time

You seem to be overreacting and not reading the details so do calm down.

Slippery Slope logical fallacy

hmmm, an angry boomer? this explains everything.

They are classifying gaming addiction as a disorder, not gaming itself.


Angry baby boomers? Tell me it ain’t so!

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I’m not overreacting. I get fed up with the News reports baiting people into their hype and agendas. That’s why I don’t watch TV. I do listen to radio but selectively and this bit of bullshit could not be missed. So I searched around the internet a bit and found a shitload of comment about it. So I’m overreacting? They want this message out there so gamers are frowned upon dude.

Maybe comments on the internet are not a reliable source of information.


Still waiting for the FBI to come knocking at my door for playing FPS’s…

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Let me ask this question, do you want them to start dumbing down the games to the point where they are not fun to play any more?

Have they?

That’s their plan.

I heard that if you wear a tinfoil hat they can’t detect that you’re playing an FPS.


LOL that train has long passed. So many games dumbed down already i t didn’t need “condemning” of the WHO.

Also not getting how that classification by them is supposed to make games dumber but anyway…

You should re-read what they actual did.
They classified gaming addiction (yes believe it or not that is a thing) as a disorder so that people that actually need help can receive it. It’s no different from any other disorder or disease.
I don’t see anyone getting discriminated for having a flu either.

Like the title of this thread?

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Who’s them?

Anyway, if gambling has a classification, why not gaming?

Wowee. I have never seen a handle used more effectively as a runway.

Never mind the nonsensical ckickbait title, though at least in this case the topic is being talked about in many outlets that I knew what it was about before this. No this is a good thing. There are some people who have serious problems with addiction as a result of various factors, gaming can definitely be one.

There was an example given of a child in the UK that had not been to school for a year because they could not be torn away from their games. Getting violent when told to take a break, missing meals and in general removing themselves from interacting with world in an unheathly way.

This is more to set up frameworks to help people who have serious problems resulting in breakdown of general living standards. Much like helping those with depression or psychosis.

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This thread is based on 0 facts and is considered to be low-effort. If you have a problem with this ruling then personally send me a message to sort this out

Not all gaming is a addiction. You need atleast 12 months of major social, physical, or mental dysfunction caused by excessive playing of video games

For gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behaviour pattern must be of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning and would normally have been evident for at least 12 months.

( Paragraph 2 )

This is REAL problem. if someone is addicted to something so bad that its crippling their life to the point where they are no longer able to function properly then it should be properly recognized and treated for.

Congrats. Your a functioning adult who can take care of themselves and is not addicted to gaming in such a way where those tasks would be considered impossible.

Its an addiction. Its the same as being addicted to crack or masturbating. If it was as simple as telling people to just stop and get their life together then america wouldnt be going through a opioid epidemic right now.