Level1 Forum Source Code?

Not sure if this is a silly question, kinda new to webdev and this forum. I wanted to try building a forum for a local community I have. (Completely unrelated to level1 or technology in general)

What tech does this forum use? Is it open sourced, or based off something open source?

Would appreciate any info on this matter as I love the clean design of this forum and why reinvent the wheel!

Did you read the FAQ? It tells you in the second post.

It’s Discourse.

Discourse is built with RoR and EmberJS and shipped as a docker image.



You read the FAQ…

But yes, Dynamics post is the answer. We also have some plugins installed as well.

And the default theme is a custom creation, but I dont beleive it goes outside the bounds of the standard layout.

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[I heard that] Microsoft uses the same forum software on their Flight Simultor alpha forums.

They do. I’ve noticed quite a few companies use discourse for their community forums.

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The interface feels like its the best i’ve used since ive first surfed the net long ago. Topics are never unweildy even if the post becomes a megathread.

It has its issues but it’s generally not bad.

Not to go too off topic but I actually heard an interesting topic brought up recently (elsewhere) about infinite scrolling (which discord implements) and the effect it has on our mental health. E.g. it’s bad for you and designed to keep you from leaving


Yup also Cannonical, or at least the community behind the Mate spin.

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