Gorillaz Tracks from new album just leaked!



you're welcome. should be hitting public trackers soon.

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Out of edits, but a cursory search shows that they indeed have.

And no, I don't condone stealing shit on the high seas.

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You are missing nothing. It's just my weird brain.
My point was, knowing the song titles is useless. And I just threw in the most ridiculous name of a song I could think of, to prove, that the name of a song without the actual song is meaningless.

you realize I was breaking that the songs on that album are leaked and listenable, right?

the track list was just for reference

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Well here's the big thing, that I missed...


I'm sure no one blames you, I'm sure as shit not gonna signpost with illegal download links

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Video is not related to the music.

did they just de-password them after the initial leak?

This one is pretty low bitrate

Password was 2017.

I know, I'm just surprised at vimeo's slugishness in their reaction.

best bet is to host the torrent(s) before the hammer drops if the main account doesn't release as damage control

It's likely someone already has, can't put that genie back in the bottle.

true, I just meant as an individual actor. A healthy swarm is harder to poison or run and errant attack on.

Nothing bad has happened but just a reminder.



DO NOT Link to illegal hosting methods in this thread. vimeo links are fine, the media company was dumb enough to put a 4 character password on them, that's on them. No magnet links, mediafire/megas, or other such nonsense please.

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Though I kind of doubt it, but could this be a cheeky way of hyping up the album before its official release?

it's been done before, but it's usually traceable to someone one a PR website's servers spinning up a torrent

this seems to be a bit more organic, and there's no reason to obfuscate this much if you want to leak a track