Oh, just noticed this topic

I’ve got one, it has wheels and everything! :rofl:

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Why not post some pictures and try to lead a healthy discussion? Or maybe talk about how you like to enjoy your motorcycle


@Dje4321 You’re quite right, apologies to the community (on two or four wheels), I was in a silly mood and about to leave work after a fairly horrible day. :roll_eyes:

I wouldn’t say I enjoy motorcycles, I just ‘do’ motorcycles. It’s my life I guess. I’ve had good times and bad times, the good times have (just about) outweighed the bad. :grinning:

Admin are welcome to delete this post, completely understand and rest assured, I will post better contributions in future.

In the meantime, here’s my grandad :slight_smile:


That almost looks like a onesy that gramps is wearing. I don’t have any idea if that’s the norm for those times for motorcycle riding. Is it?

Plus isn’t it a faux-pas to combine argyle with pinstripes?

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A true rebel.


It probably is a onesy back in them there days! :slight_smile: I think it was the norm, back then, only technical/engineers tended to ride bikes, because they were so involved to ride. My Gramps was an Engineer and then later an Architect, so I’ve sorted unwittingly followed in his shoes…well, after I did manual work for a good while.


For sure, but a sensible one :smile: