(CBC) Teen charged in Nova Scotia government breach says he had 'no malicious intent'

CBC article

I think that this is a mix of the government not wanting to accept that they messed up and poor security with the handling of the distribution of documents. I also think that 15 officers is excessive and that they could of just ordered him to delete it or delete the documents themselves by using a court order or something like that i also think that he is going to get a longer sentence because it seems that the government doesn’t care about intent or how the documents where acquired and due to him downloading 250 documents he wasn’t suppose to have i think it will be like a 7-10 year sentence because the judge probity wont understand how this stuff works or how easily this could happen on accident.

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i don’t have anything to say on the topic. i am fine with others input. But all i have to say is i originally found this on the DataHoarder subreddit posted by HaliFan.

Wow its sad that so much force was used just because someone downloaded a lot of information… I cant wait to see the outcome of this because it seems to have no reasoning around his arrest if its public information.

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I heard about this on the radio yesterday. I think that a government agency should have no problem with a public tax paying citizen downloading as much as they want. The other thing I heard is that there was some private info in the data and that is why the gov went to so much trouble finding the “perp”. Charging him was stupid.

I saw Colin Percival of TarSnap volunteering his services at his own cost to be an expert witness to the lack of intent, repeatedly on Twitter.
I think he was trying to reach out to the defence lawyer too