Greetings And Salutations To One And All...



That apparently was well worth the read after all!!

so miss the newsgroups :slight_smile:

Heh, heh, heh… I knew this Community was going to be the same longterm Community that stood the test of time even from the first day it was conceived.

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we’ve actually been quite busy the last year. helping prod projects along and encouraging less shitposting more accomplishments. even some of our top shitposters have interesting sideprojects they quasi blog about here :smiley:


So I’ve noticed. I can’t believe how much information is so readily available within the Community at large. Even the SEO value via search is respectable, all matters concerned.

P.s.-Thanks to you, @FaunCB and whomever else responsible for curtailing that post restriction prematurely by the way. Lest I be remiss in my manners of gratitude.

@Wendell: Whilst I’m at it, is there a particular setting site wise that I’m missing that would allow me to add a signature below my username?

moderators assign them when you ask

My kindest thank you. I believe that shall be my next quick endeavor.

Those actually aren’t a thing, I think @kewldude007 is thinking of something else. Maybe the titles next to usernames?

If you look in the FAQs, it asks that people not sign posts under the “Keep it Tidy” heading.


Other good topics to peruse:

General Forum Rules (BST has additional rules)

Guideline to making threads

Terms of Service

L1T Privacy Policy

People you’ll see around the forums

Leaders < People who help with the general upkeep of the forum
Admins and Moderators < People who make and enforce the rules (They’re nice people, really)

If you want to learn how to use the forum better, send Discobot a PM with the content @discobot start new user

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Title would more than likely be the more accurate statement, yes.
In either case, I assume the above needs to be addressed by a Staff Member nonetheless, yes?

Meanwhile, in related news: I shall be off to corrupt this Bot you mention in order to teach it proper manners. After all, Discobot’s went out of style in the 80’s.

Welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

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'Tis a good Community as many can attest to. So thank you.

Allways great to have people arround with knowledge,
that anyone could learn from. :slight_smile:

Quite true indeed.
And even those whom are knowledgeable should continue the learning and passing of that same knowledge.
One cannot know everything; but one can know all that one needs to know.

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Yes that is the drive and spirit that make communities grow. :slight_smile:

Also moderators can give you a cool title behind your nickname,
like you see with users like kewldude007 for example.
So if you have something cool in mind, you could shoot me or any other moderator a pm.

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Just Inboxed you accordingly by the way. And thank you yet again.

Hey dude, welcome to the show! Let’s get nerdy :nerd_face:

Been there.
Done that.
And I intend on following that pattern until the end of mine days.

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