So my pirated software stopped working on windows 10

So just that, I had a VM of windows 10 setup so I could still use the software I had pirated from years ago and after the recent update it no longer works, before it would just say there was potentially malicious software. Also the external drive that has a backup of these files is no longer recognized by windows as well.

I can now see what they were referring to when they said, "unauthorized hardware".

Also the difference between google tracking your information and microsoft, google never stopped you from downloading the anarchist cookbook or pirated software.

That isn't what's happening, what you're experiencing is just a coincidence, or a bad install.

This doesn't even make sense. what does your hardware used to run on a virtual machine have to do with your pirated software not working? if you pirated your software expect there to be issues. and the thing is Microsoft said very clearly that stuff like this is going to be enforced.. if you didn't read the fine print, whose fault is that? you're the one who agreed to to the EULA. now i can hear the argument coming, 'well they shouldn't be watching what software we have..' and you're probably right. but similarly you shouldn't have pirated the software either. it's realistically a double edged sword.

if the system deems it's malicious. then there is something that causes that. in your case you're using illegally downloaded software. no one is at fault but you.

it's no different than getting mad at Microsoft cause you caught a virus on your PC like they were the ones who put it on your system.

I've been using the software almost daily, when you use something that often and that long you become intimate with its timings. Also works fine on fresh install of both windows 10 and 7, external as well. I can go from it not working on one vm, unplug and switch vm and poof it works and says malicious files were found just like it used to, then updates happen and it stops working. vm's are the bestest. I'm just going to run it under 7 and disable updates and internet access I just felt like I had to share.

Hardware as in the external, and the risks (none because I don't use them commercially) I take from using pirated software are my own.

so you used some unauthorized hardware and the system is saying you can't use it? what hardware is it specifically?

Chances are your 'software' had some files removed which windows flagged as bad, commonly DLL files which are used to execute these kinds of things. You might want to check your systems/virus logs to see if anything got flagged.

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Its the keygen, the patches it generates and the software.

Problem is already fixed.

who made the hard drive?

I believe in the forum rules it states we can't discuss topics like this. We don't advocate piracy.

That aside, it does sound like a faulty install. I refuse to look deeper into this as you illegally retrieved your software.

not really relevant

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hehe, warez... the good old days, back when I was 14yo...

Okay. That's great.

But in all seriousness, try a reinstall. It should do the trick.