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Hillary server, Trump 5D chess & 4chan Q-Clearance LARP


TIL from YT video Hillary was running an unencrypted email server based on Microsoft Exchange 2010 for THREE MONTHS!

Anybody read this on the reddit post?

On another note this robot voice YT really explains alot of what’s happenning the last 2-3 days of Trump’s 5D chess.

Can’t wait til Hillary or Huma get locked up for taking the “classified” off those emails.


Holy crap… what is this sensationalist garbage?

The Clinton Foundation took money from Russian based institutions shortly before the authorization for a Russian company to gain access to uranium deposits. Hilary sat on the committee to approve the sale. This is all I need to know. Authorities can do the rest of the digging.

I don’t know why people would trust this type of garbage instead of just waiting for proper investigations done by independent investigatory bodies (F.B.I./congressional) or independent journalists.

Trump is not even playing regular chess, he is losing a game of checkers.

Note: I only made it about 4 minutes into the video.

Note #2: There is a “no politics” rule here, so I won’t be debating anything unrelated to tech policy. I will call out nonsense though.


yeah this thread title is ermmm…clickbait to say the least