AMD Reaches Highest Overall x86 Chip Market Share Since 2013

Woohoo!!! The Phoenix like return of AMD, team X-mas colors.


The most notable thing is that they doubled their share in the server market in a year and a quarter.

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When you consider that the markets AMD is into now are likely 2x the size they were in 2013, it’s quite an achievement, indeed. I also get the impression that in reality AMD is actually only getting started…:wink: Unreal to consider that 2013 is almost a decade old–time flies.

Edit: I had no idea this was written six months ago…I’m sure AMD has eclipsed these numbers handsomely by now.

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Just like Ryzens 1200, being slated, the numeral successor to Phenom II 1100
That crumb of a hint, is not leaning towards not just being basic competitive blows…
AMD and TSMC have a disturbing synergy, akin to Alexanders March across the Mediterranean

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