Discord is a virus

Am i the only one that noticed this?

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Yep so im good thanks

Discord is a virus

Could you elaborate?

sure, but just look for yourself

Did i hit some strange button or was the first responder just retarded?

Curious because i usually only break rules intentionally, and i like this place.

Ok ill take that as an… he’s just retarded.

Your thread contains literally nothing other than “Am I the only one that notices this.”. How this is not a low-effort is beyond me. Alone the fact that the next response was somebody asking for more information should give you a hint.

i already made the effort.
just passing on information take it as you will.

That was unnecessary.

And yes he has a point, stating something with out backing it up with your evidence or 3rd party evidence makes the thread pretty pointless.


Still waiting for the elaborating.

agreed here, it was a bit more derogatory then i intended, talking with text can be hard.
my mistake.

If you want to remake a thread about this topic go for it, but put some evidence to back up your claim. PM if you still don’t understand.

Also no need to be rude to other users.