What's Next Music app - My Project!

Heya Peeps! Long time Tek Syndicate fan, 1st time forum poster. (all hail Level1Techs ;-) )

TL;DR - Music app for parties - Everyone votes for What's Next. Links at bottom.

I've been developing a music app, right now the basic version is released on Android.
Its a music app for parties that lets guests connect to your party list and vote for what they want to listen to.
It also gives the ability for them to upload their own songs to be added to the list for others to vote on.
Version 1.04 is out at the moment, Ill add the links at the bottom of the post. The basic idea is everyone connects to the same WiFi and then the server is broadcast from the hosts phone.
This version comes with a few known bugs, from being laggy for the host on some devices, to having to search manually for songs to add to the server for guests. The Devs I used where pretty average. All in all the app is very usable + functional and I personally always use it for house parties at my place.

Currently working on version 2.0, I've got new - better Devs on the job then before. Who are starting from scratch with new coding and a more modern easy to use look. (drunk person friendly is the aim!) It will also eventually function as a stand alone music player. (I really dont like the Google music app... feels to much liek a store then a music app personally) Ultimately it will be Cross compatible with Android and Apple products so no one will miss out. (it was meant to be like that already... but average Devs... haha)

Any feedback you can give would be amazing. What features you would like to see etc. Or just tell me im wasting my time and money because you will never want to use it... ever. hahaha sadface

Below are the Free / Paid (66% off) links to the play store. Also the Facebook Page, and a really amateur vid i made demonstrating it. Please check it out and let me know what you think! much <3


PAID (66% off right now):


YouTube Vid:



Just curious, but are you yourself developing it, or are you paying people to develop it?

To be completely honest I'm not sure I'd use something like this, but that's mainly because I don't party a whole lot, and I know some local DJs and artists/musicians, so I can hire a friend for a night when I do. That's just me though.

Anyways, welcome to Level1Techs. Please enjoy your stay!

Just make sure you don't cross too far into the grey area:

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hey hey ^_^ I am hiring people to do it, but working in very closely with them, to the point where i approve whats going on, how it looks/feels what features are in it etc. I dont have the coding know how to make it from scratch haha. It is purely my idea, and any feedback + comments I get will be taken on board. Ive had about 20-30 mates use it before and i figured the Tek forums would be a good place to get some feedback from like minded people. :-) It is relatively new and this is actually the 1st post anywhere i have made on it other then the facebook page. If the word spreads a bit that would be a bonus but not the goal. :-D

If used in DJ/ club situations the idea would be to turn it on in between sets. Also if DJ's wanted to use it with the devices audio turned off they could get a feel for what the crowd wanted to hear from their selection of music.

also thanks for the heads up about the rules! much appreciated. ill try to be a good boy :-P

I like the idea of this app but not sure how it would work in a real world situation (Night Club). I would defiantly use this for a house party. Drop an open WiFi hot spot and your set!

I think the UI needs to be simplified. A user wants to open the App and know exactly how it works without asking for assistance. Maybe just having an up vote (thumbs up) or a down vote for songs?

Good luck with the app!

Indeedy, "real world" will need some work + trial and error. Eventually different specialty modes maybe. Nothing to intense and difficult tho.

Just received some version 2 preliminary mock ups the other day and its looking a lot cleaner and simplified. Including the thumbs up and down haha. So good call :-P

Cheers Mate. ^_^

looks like an interesting project.
Also according to certain rules, those will be edited in the near the future.

oh my god that logo
I just vomited...
you really gotta do something bout that buddy
looks cringey as fuck, at first sight you would never even know what it is

mediamonkey has a decent implementation of a party mode, but you can't really vote

Yea mate, i hear ya... actually made it in Paint.net hahaa.... sigh
That should be something to change in 2.0 ;-)

I haven't been able to find anything exactly like what i am making... something that puts the control of the music in the hands of everybody. Ive thrown a few parties... and what gets to me is people wanting to change the music/device being used. now i just need to tell them to get on the app and vote for what they want and upload what i dont have. "drunk person friendly" :-P

Also I think technology is at the point where this is practical. Battery life, Screen size, WiFi tech, Blu Tooth tech etc. all coming together.