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What Garbage is Skelterz watching this season?

Summer 2018


Spring 2018
  • Darling in the FranXX (continued from Winter 2017/2018)
  • Uma Musume - a surprisingly wholesome show about horse girls
  • Magical Girl Ore - Dropped, same shtick over and over
  • GeGeGe no Kitaro - Dropped, not into monster of the week
  • Megalobox - Glorious besides the fact that the mc crashes his motorcycle every other episode
  • Comic Girls - Cute girls drawing manga, sadly no overarching plot besides that.
  • Magical Girl Site - Dropped at magical pantsu (Body count: 3 it’s streaming on amazon)
  • My Sweet Tyrant - Dropped, creepy tsundere boyfriend
  • Dances with Dragons - Dropped, pretty mediocre and starts with pseudo science exposition
  • Sword Art Online Alternative - Now with 100% less sword jesus and 100% more psycho chibi
  • Amanchu ~Adavance~ - On Hold, this season seemed off from the first
  • You Don’t Know Gunma Yet - Dropped, became generic fairly quickly. An adspot done in a comedic horror fashion, I love it
  • Hinamatsuri - Funny and endearing throughout hope a second season comes soon
  • Persona 5 - Dropped, the combat felt too game like and not enough like an anime, what’s the point of the adaptation then? Never played it, seems like it gives up too much in the first episode???

Fate Primer


Yeah it’s live! Welcome everybody to the new anime lounge thread!


Ok so I plan on actually finishing Eromanga Sensei even though I know it is a complete pile of garbage.

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Why didn’t we just rename the old one?

I’ve really enjoyed Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens so far. The anime wasn’t what I had expected when I first started watching it. It has solid pacing and very interesting cast of characters. It’s kinda of like if everyone in Durarara was an assassin.


sees he’s not included with frequent posters…

was it because of the shitposting? It’s probably because of the shitposting…

Just based off the first episode of the few anime that have aired this season that are on my list, I have to say Comic Girls is easily the stand out for me.


I think they did really well with the ensemble cast and really kicked off the show on the second episode which surprised the hell out of me.

On my list to watch tonight



One day this thread will be deleted, even the world will be deleted and god will be like lol was fun. All is for naught, abandon ship!

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One day these thread will be deleted, and like a Phoenix a new thread will arrive…

with blackjack… and hookers

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One more week before new FMP.

I feel like I’ll be rewatching the previous seasons in the very near future.


You said it. So no more spamming people with “Merst wertch Kersnerver” :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve actually never seen any Full Metal Panic

It’s anime, deal with it and Watch Kiznaiver

Is good. I suggest.


Definitely give Full Metal Panic a watch, I’m curious to see what they will do during this new season.


Alright I’ll see what’s available, I love Mecha anyway



To every newcomers to the thread, that should be you reaction when you hear about Kiznaiver


The only good mecha there is is pacific rim