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AMD Security Issues


Responsible journalism sold its soul to the devil when the mindless masses insisted on voting for whoever screams the loudest. Can’t really blame them but, with Trump in office, reality and fiction are just marketing terms and the definition of fake news depends on which propaganda you listen to the most. If you thought the Three Stooges slapstick couldn’t get any more lowbrow, you’ll never get the punch lines.


That’s PR speak for “these guys are full of shit, but give us a minute to provide indisputable proof.”

Politics doesn’t play into this at all. Come on out of your cave, let me show you reality.


This is their forum, give your best. In the meantime i will pop some popcorn.



Please respond to these 13 critical and life threatening bugs within 24hours.
Regards CTS-Labs


Uh wtf?


PS: We’ve made TV interviews and infographics.


If you think money and personal integrity have nothing to do with politics, good luck with that. Its every man for himself these days.


They do, but politics have nothing to do with this smear.



My bad, I can’t distinguish politicians from civilians these days.


I had a meme for that, basically comparing politicians with snakes, but I can’t find it. Can I get a like anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:


I see like whoring, I like it.


At least I’m not ashamed of my like whoring. :smiley:


The interview video was just comedy gold.


interview video?


link or it didn’t happened. Lazy to google it up.




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Also, 2,018 views? that’s some shit visibility.


I saw that but I am not sure if it qualifies as an interview. Thought there is a interview on some TV channel or something.


A malicious actor… great, so Charlie Sheen is going to ruin AMD processors?


next year it will have 2019 views.


Charlie Sheen is high brow, by modern mass media standards.


Interview, crappy video meh… in this case there the same thing.