Comcast said I am bad for torrenting linux. Need VPN

You live in a fucked up country, just move.

Except the FBI is just bullshitting...WHerever you live is worse than where we live lol

Your local pigs don't even need a warrant to search your shit

Nah, just make sure you do it properly. Private trackers, sites that are in regions where the U.S has no influence (sadly most of those use the Cyrillic alphabet), use a VPN etc etc.

I download a ton of stuff, listen to it or watch it, then decide what I'll buy and throw the rest away. If it wasn't for piracy, I'd probably have 40 or 50 CDs instead of the 300+ that I have now. Barely any movies or series either.
If anything, piracy caused me to spend 5K or more on music and videos that I wouldn't have spent otherwise.

As for the articles saying that TPB is ran by the FBI as a honeypot, that's a classic scare tactic to keep people from going there. Happens to every site that resurfaces after a takedown, happens to every new site, we'd be seeing massive arrests and public trials if any of that were true.

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pia or vypr are my go to's.

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I know you guys are smart, but never hurts to remind people.

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To get back to the point of torrenting linux distros and receiving notices to stop torrenting:

To be perfectly honest here, unless you're torrenting to a remote server and downloading normally from that, your ISP can probably still tell that you're torrenting in some regard. Torrenting uses a massive number of PPS and very little comparable transfer. It can place an excessive amount of strain on last-mile service, and a lot of ISP's aren't really huge fans of that.

That's likely why you've received a cease/decist notice for your torrenting.

Eight or nine years ago, bandwidth was relatively expensive compared to today's standards, and torrenting was generally the way to go if you needed to download something large. Nowadays, most linux distros are available as a straight HTTP/FTP download, so I'd go for that if I were in your shoes.

What torrent software are you using and are you doing bidirectional encryption with it. It's the main reason I use Deluge. I recommend you to use the vpn to get the magnet torrent, then go out and use deluge to download over regular. Deluge is doing bidirectional stream encryption so they cant see what is in transit.


Lol. I would have replied to that email.

"Dear Comcast,

Somebody's feeling nosy today, eh? How about you get the fuck out of my packets?

Fuck you very much.

One customer who is now hunting for a new ISP"

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I use Rapidseesbox. Pretty solid and reasonably cheap.

About KAT, in my country the ISP's just blocked access to the website.

Yeah, deluge and I have never gotten along. I either install it wrong, or do something wrong that causes it to be a PIA.

I use transmission which you probably already know about.

I will try deluge again.

Yeah no kidding.

Sooner or later they are going to call my anime child porn, and then its all over from there.

You just typed the magic words on the internet. It's all downhill from here. It's over.

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Child porn is NSA code for 'give me all your data'

the original question remains.

why did torrenting a linux distro get the OP flagged for a copyright violation?

take it up with comcast. my message did not even mention what I torrented.

The only thing I can think of is that I torrented deepin linux which is chinese and has a bunch of proprietary software bundled in it.

I think he was just being tactful

edit - or not lol just read his response

The IP holder will tell you waht you downloaded, it would say the name of the tracker

Just finished setting up openvpn on a digital ocean droplet with this guide. You get 1tb of transfer for $5 a month. Seems too work pretty great and fast so far.

Might be a good video idea "Setting up your own vpn server"

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I've actually gotten calls to our house phone with like a line manager losing his shit over my torrents. I told him to go get a linux pro magazine and figure that shit out and he screamed like an 8 year old and shut the net off for a week.

After a week it came back on, we got another call, his supervisor, and we were informed that we wouldn't be having any more problems.

Literally call, ask for the real tech support, and chat with them. Not just sales reps, make some bullshit excuse that sounds complicated to get to the real people and they'll kill your problem. I do it all the time.