Net neutrality fight begins

Could you at least make your op somewhat more substantial than a link, give your opinion perhaps, ask for others?


And this is why I stoped coming here.
When I sent that to friends they did not say “bro at least tell us how you feel”
It’s just a hey! Check this out.


To be fair the rules do say:

I don’t think it has to do with the article, I think it’s more so there aren’t people dumping threads on the forum and then just leaving them with no additional input. The Lounge would be a good place for that.


So much this. I’ve been a member of forums that did not have rules preventing dump-and-run posts. It was awful and that forum is now a ghost town.

This thread specifically is in need of additional input. Net Neutrality has been discussed to the ends of the earth on this forum. Does this particular article present something that the OP thinks is new, or are they just letting us know the fight has begun (not that it ever really ended)?

As others have pointed out, your thread is right now low effort. If you provide some thoughts in your original post then it would not be low effort. I’m going to give you 24 hours to do so. If you do not this thread will be locked and unlisted.

Moderators reserve the right to move or remove posts when they are off-topic/low-effort to the original post or if they are derailing a thread.

Should be rewritten as it says that low effort posts that are posted in reply to the OP would be deleted and not that the original post that is low quality would be deleted.

Also this is under the blog section, it should be moved elsewhere.

Anyway @SuperNeutral just add some of your thoughts, you’d benefit the community and you would get to engage with others here. I see you have not really done that yet, with your somewhat limited amount of posts.

I’m going to attempt to un-derail the thread.

Firstly, fuck CNET for having auto-playing video. I clicked the link, tabbed away to start writing a response and my speakers blasted “THIS IS CNET” at me. Shit even got through my adblock. I guess I’ll just be disabling all javascripts on there.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s very unlikely this will stand up. I’m fairly certain that companies will just walk all over this law because of the fact that the FCC has prohibited such a law. Federal always overrules state and that’s what’s about to happen here as soon as Washington tries to enforce it.


Original poster was given 24 hours to fix the first post so that it would no longer be low effort. Original poster did not do so. This thread is locked and unlisted as a result.