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VIABLE Adobe CC Alternatives

For a more up-to-date list: Unmaintained. See link above for up-to-date. Fleshed out List. Suggestions will still be considered for main article. NOTE: One time purchase products or free only. Linux and OSS not pri…

88 September 6, 2019
About the Arts & Media category 2 September 22, 2017
Share your art!

I noticed the forum has a share you photography thread but when I went looking for a similar thing for art I couldn't find anything, so I'm creating this thread for all of the artists in the community to share their work…

215 April 7, 2020
Video livestreamers/podcasters, what's your setup like? 10 April 7, 2020
Photography from the community

I would love to see some of your guys photography. Post it here, in web res if you will. In case someone tries to steal it.  

1142 April 6, 2020
So.. what metal song are you listening to right now? 2924 April 7, 2020
Anime Culture Club

Thread rules: No linking to unlicensed content of any kind. Follow the Level1Techs rules. No NSFW content, including nudity, graphic sexual content, gore, etc. No more then 20 memes posted in a row. No discussing shows …

17099 April 7, 2020
Post pictures of what you ate! 4247 April 7, 2020
Music to get you through the pandemic 8 April 6, 2020
Astartes 6 April 6, 2020
What tea have you accidentally made? 8 April 5, 2020
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What are you currently listening to (Non-metal edition)? 5243 April 3, 2020
Mixing different brand colored pencils? Acceptable? Or Colored Pencil sin? 2 April 3, 2020
:guitar: Quarantine Concert Live #19 12 April 2, 2020
The Beer Garden: What do you drink, and why? 419 April 2, 2020
Synthwave 101: Sounds of the Neon Age 405 March 31, 2020
[Thread Game] Guess That Movie or TV Show(non-anime) 2873 March 31, 2020
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Holidays are nigh. What are you cooking? 10 March 26, 2020
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Weird Al Unplugged: The 2020 Alone on a Balcony Self-Isolation Tour 2 March 26, 2020
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