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Books, Literature & Writing This area of the forum is for discussion of the literary nature. Share what you're reading and generate discussion. Check the treads for on going Book-of-the-Month discussions and participate. Please obey all other forum rules when posting here. Try to keep the discussion threads about the origination topic. Take side topics to a new thread or the lounge. Anime, Movies, Video, & TV Place to discuss Anime, Movies, and TV Shows. Other Media This is place to discuss Other Media. Visual Arts & Design This topic is for posts relating to art and design. Posts should be relevant to the visual arts; whether that be art news or personal posts and projects. Music Talk about music, use tags for the genre/type of music. Food & Drink Place to discuss Food and Cooking.
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VIABLE Adobe CC Alternatives

For a more up-to-date list: Unmaintained. See link above for up-to-date. Fleshed out List. Suggestions will still be considered for main article. NOTE: One time purchase products or free only. Linux and OSS not pri…

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Anime Culture Club

Thread rules: No linking to unlicensed content of any kind. Follow the Level1Techs rules. No NSFW content, including nudity, graphic sexual content, gore, etc. No more then 20 memes posted in a row. No discussing shows …

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