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What are you watching right now?


This is basically the equivalent of the “What are you listening to?” threads in the music category.
Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, DVD, Bluray, Betamax or straight up telly… whatever.
Question is:

What are you watching right now?

Rick & Morty - The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy (S03E05)


Ring Of Honor Wrestling. I heard a spoiler about the end of the show and just getting around to see what went down.






I keep my anime list updated fairly judiciously and pretty much all I watch is anime:

I’m also watching The Grand Tour


Been Watching through Altered Carbon


They have it on The Roku channel. Watching it as a kid I never did get to see the pilot.
It’s like Santa Clarita Diet minus the cannabis and cannibalism.


Just watched Capn 'Murica - Civil War. Pretty good.
Now Top Gea… uhm, The Grand Tour.


Re-watching some Roadkill episodes on MToD, they finally got the server working right here in Brazil:


Violet Evergarden


Just watched Star Trek Horizon a fan film on Youtube. Worth your time if you are a fan but more than a little hard going in places.

I’m most of the way through Altered Carbon. There is the Cloverfield movie on Netflix but I have not seen any of the previous Cloverfield movies so I’m not sure if I should see them first…


Don’t waste your time…


If anyone is in the need for a sci-fi fix, Counterpart has me intrigued. There are only 3 episodes done so far.


Just finished up the Netflix version of The Punisher. As a fan of the Dolph Lundgren movie this is somewhat reminiscent. Cheesy in places, sort of bad in others but overall entertaining if one enjoys justice porn done ultra-violent.

Also just watched A Futile and Stupid Gesture about Doug Kenney (National Lampoon co-creator), another Netflix creation. Very well done; funny and enlightening with a twinge of sadness.


Expanse Season 2 is on Amazon Prime…free :slight_smile:


Im gonna waste my time cause I gotta know how bad it is, my parents watched it without me and my dad said the ending “was really stupid” haha, also watchin “Your Name” right now, one of my favorite intriguing anime movies. after I think ill go watch some Startrek DS9


Any good?


I liked it. I have a weak spot for science fiction.


Dark, definitely one of my favorite series so far, it’s in German, but I still recommend watching it with subs for people who don’t speak deutsch.


Black Mirror Season 4 and occasionally some Gintama.