Guitar Thread anyone?

I notice a lot of threads for those that consume music. How about one for those of us, that create music. Specifically guitar, though i’m open to expand the discussion if wanted. Also, if this is in the wrong section, feel free to push it around.

To kick this off, a little intro from myself. I’ve been playing guitar since i was 6 or 7. I got my first guitar from my mother. Throughout my childhood i got classical lessons for the clarinette, saxophone, organ and a bit of piano. None of those stuck. The Guitar was always there and i never took lessons.
Now, 25 Years later, i’m still at it. I played in a Band for 2 years, and we made an album that never got finished because of Problems with the Producer. The band split over that and i went back to playing just for myself.

Nowadays, i record at home when i feel like it, play a bunch of Rocksmith and just use the guitar as my chill out zone. And i’m very happy with that.

Now, to get a discussion going, i’m trying to work out, what strings to get. I recently discovered, that tuning to a e A E A’ E’ works incredibly well for me. I can make that work with 10-56 sets on my 25.5" Sterling JP, but it’s just a bit loose on the Lowend.
Ernie Ball made a new 6 String set that goes down to a 68 i think, but starts at 13. There are just no sets out there, that would accomodate such a spread in tuning. Just go with a regular 10-52 set an replace the 52 with a 60 or such? Individual Strings get expensive fast… Or are there 7 String set’s i could make work?


I’ve got a guitar but I don’t know how to play, any learning resources that you recommend?


There are a bajillion online courses and youtube videos.
Apart from 3 Chords, i personally learned it all by myself, trying to play songs i really like.
With me having played for 25 Years, it’s really tough to evaluate beginner courses. I’ve personally watched a lot of Videos from Justin Sandercoe and alyways felt they where easy to understand and follow:

Ha has a youtube Channel with most things you could be interested in, but also has a full on Course lined out. This should get you started very well.
Once you feel like you have a decent grasp of what the instrument is and does, i would try to mix in songs you really like. Starting with their Basic Chords (most modern Songs use the same 4 chords) and working towards what the artist does.

In general: It’s a process. Trying to play stuff you enjoy keeps motivation up. You can expect decent results fast, but it’ll be a long and rewarding journey.

Edit: Not sure what kind of guitar you have. I personally would always recommend starting on an electric guitar. It’s more versatile and much, much easier to play than most accoustic guitars.


thanks for the advice, yea the guitar is electric.


Will upload some stuff later if anyone is interested. I started playing when I was 14. Stopped when I was 20 or so. Got back into it when I was 25 or 26. Don’t play as much as I want to, I don’t know if I lack interest or courage. I sometimes get bummed out I’m not as good as I used to be.

I have an SG, a couple of Les Paul models, and an Alvarez acoustic.

Started playing AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica… Things like that. Moved into Black Label Society, Brand New Sin, and other Southern Metal-ish type bands. Trying to break into Blues/Jazz, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hound Dog Taylor, and Peter White type stuff. I play some Killswitch Engage now and then. Mostly stick with my own stuff these days, but I’ve considered working through a tabs book or something.

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Definitly interested!

To shamelessly plug myself then, i’ve uploaded some stuff to youtube for use by friends in twitch streams and such. Recorded and Produced all by me, so quality is ok’ish and mastering non existent :wink:

There are some more in that channel if you’re interested.


Ha! That’s awesome. I think you’ll see we have similar play styles when I upload some stuff tonight. Won’t have fancy drum tracks, though :wink:

That last one was really serene. You a fan of Minus the Bear?

Weren’t they included in Rocksmith out of the box with one track? I haven’t listened to them, but certainly will check them out on my commute home.

I’m personally more into Heavier Metal and Progressive stuff. But when making music, i do enjoy the more Easy to listen to and fun stuff.
I’m not a big Lead player or shredder. I’m firmly in the rythm guitar camp and very happy with that.

That last track was actually written ny me for my sisters Wedding. I performed that live in front of 100 odd people with only guitar. I threw on the drumms and some base later to “round it of”.

Edit: Yeah, i checked. RS2014 came with “Cold Company”. Might have to play that a round later.

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This is awesome.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 14, so only five years at this point.

My first guitar was a REALLY REALLY bad acoustic guitar that I’d bring to my guitar class. It got the job done for the most part, but I remember it having been like $35 off of eBay lol.

That winter, guitar center was having a sale so I bought an ESP EC10. For the price it isn’t half bad to be honest.

I still have it and a cheap amp my brother got me for my birthday.

Haven’t been playing as often as I used to but I actually pretty ironically picked it back up yesterday before seeing this thread today


That’s great. Nowadays there are guitars that are really great for insane Prices. Like, the Bullet Strats for around a hundred bucks? I haven’t touched one of those that played bad. All where great out of the box.
My first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I bought it from months of saved up money and some christmas money when i was 15. 16 years later, i just have gotten it refretted with stainless frets, all new hardware and it’s still my number one. I sanded the Neck and top to the wood at some point and it’s pretty beat up, but haven’t found anything close to as good as it (might be sentimental :wink: )

I also have my up and down phases. Have had weeks or months where i touch the guitar once a week maybe. In general i play a bit every day. My LP lives in a stand right next to my desk, so i tend to pick it up a lot (when loading games or waiting in queues or just to pass some time).


Just learn to play what you want. Its going to be super steep learning curve but in the end you’ll stay more entertained with it. First thing I learned was the intro to nothing else matters… not exactly a beginner song. Any technique you need you can learn as you go.

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get out of my head, ur violating my privacy

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Its challenging but has a lot of different techniques that you can translate into other songs.

I’d love to be able to play buckethead, but i dont know if that will ever be possible

I found that the stuff I thought was hard is actually pretty easy and the stuff thats actually hard is only impressive to me now that I know how to play.

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Owned a cheap acoustic for about 8 years, but only bothered to learn how to play properly a couple of years ago. I’ve been looking at getting a relatively affordable electric recently.

The Yamaha Pacifica 120H or 112VMX look like good starting points. There are some Epiphone Les Pauls at about the same price, but I prefer the feel of Strats. Anyone got any other suggestions at about the ~£240 pricepoint?

Instantly devolves thread into buying suggestions

You want better cleans or better distortion?

Probably Definitely better cleans.

Awesome a guitar thread!

I’ve been playing for around 12 years now mostly power metal and the like and a plethora of people (many of them strangers) have said I could play for a living so there’s that I guess.

I’ve got 5 guitars but only really play my godin freeway classic that is in desperate need of repair. Other guitars are all various acoustics: some shitty yamaha, 12 string epiphone, dobro, and a hollow body made by my uncle’s friend. Amp is a peavy vypyr 75 with the sanpera 2 footswitch I use mostly just for the looper. Definitely looking forward to some upgrades in the next year or so.

I’m mostly self taught other than reading this book (and only half reading it really, just rote memorization on the scale forms and such):

It’s a solid start, but the CAGED system is fairly constraining since it teaches you in “boxes” rather than really letting you fluidly move around the fretboard. So what I plan on learning from is the “guitar super system” (horrible name i know) from the music is win guy so I can really understand theory.

I’ve got a Paul Gilbert song almost down (Buckethead’s teacher if you didn’t know) so never say something is impossible :wink:

@Zavar you want warmer, fuller sound or a more twangy sound? Generally speaking, a humbucker will deliver the fuller sound while single coils will give you the twang. The most important thing you can do is go into a store and see how the guitars feel. Different neck profiles have a huge impact on your playing. I like thinner necks, but many enjoy the fatter ones like you’ll find on a les paul. Cleans will come from the amp, Fender cleans are legendary. Distortion can be either from amp or pedals depending on what specific type of sound you’re going for.


So, I’m not really hip with what’s good on clean guitars… If you get something new it’s kinda going to be junky. If you get something used you might be better off at that price point. Either way, you should look to have it set up professionally.

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