Thread for discussing all things uisce beatha.

Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Japanese, Canadian, Texan, and Irish juice.

Sing malt or blended?

What are you drinking?

What are you trying to get your hands on?

Any pairings you like?

Mixed drinks and cooking with the stuff.

Looking for recommendations?

Reviews/tastings are welcome


What I currently have.


If you can find it, get a bottle of Angel’s Envy FInished Rye. It’s blown by all my favorites and is firmly my new favorite spirit.

I also just got a bottle of Abomination Sayers of the Law. So deliciously peaty.


Thanks for the recommendations. The Lost Spirits does sound neat never had whiskey from Cali.

The Ironroot was my most recent acquisition. It won best bourbon it is nice somewhat wheated and that Texas heat brings out the wood tannins. Get some stone fruit on the nose but is a little buried on the taste. Nice background whiskey.

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shows up to post about whiskey

Yep, seems about right.

WB k3g. :smiley:


I would have had a couple of bottles this summer but coronavirus cancelled the Islay festival.

Current open bottle is a Bunnahabhain hand filled warehouse 9 14 year old px


Barrel Pick Scotch, makes me jelly of UK peeps.

Texas Barrel Picks are what I have easy access to.

Islay festival sounds so cool.

You should go sometime. People from all over the world was there last year (US as well)

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Time is my enemy on most things

Took me many years but I final got me a bottle of Blantons.


What do you think of it? How does it compare to other single barrel bourbons?

Very smooth, you can smell the corn. It is great to sip while smoking a Cuban cigar. I have had Buffalo Trace, Eagles Rare, and Blantons. I love all their the bourbons that I have had so far.

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Nothing fancy, just standard issue stuff I can get easily from an assortment of nearby stores:


My current favorite is the Balcones single malt. Doesn’t quite taste like anything I have had before.

A few more have been added since this was taken.

Currently enjoying a Highland Park limited bottling

And I’d desperately trying to get my hands on another bottle of Nikka PureMalt Black. Mine is one dram away from being gone.


I usually mostly drink scotch, but since PA shut down the liquor stores (and my stash starting to dwindle) I got my hands on some interesting local(ish) whiskey.

Even though I’m not really into bourbon, the Tom Boy has the most mellow finish I’ve ever experienced in a bourbon. I don’t think I’ll be getting it again, but is has been great for whiskey sours.

I’m really diggin’ the Folklore rye, the finish in red wine casks really misdirects the nose in a fantastic way. It smells like red wine in an oak cup, then the finish super smooth oak with a hint of vanilla. Definitely will be revisiting this one again.

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Where is your house? Asking for a friend.


You cant just post that and act like I wont be incredibly jealous

It’s a bit of travel for most of you unfortunately. Johannesburg.

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That is a nice collection. Seeing the Laphroaig Quarter Cast reminds me I should have stuck with that over the select.

What’s in the large Bruichladdich box?