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Post pictures of what you ate!



here you will post what you had for lunch, and  hopefully a picture of it (you dont have to but it would be nice)

 i had meatballs and rice, lol no pics, i ate it all.

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Leftover beef roast and a large spinach salad.


I had a very boring lunch, I had a hot pocket because I was too lazy to cook


Considering cooking is not allowed in school, I had a boring cream cheese and jelly sandwich (I don't like peanut butter, merely a substitute).

During the weekend, normally it's roast beef or a grilled ham and cheese.


regular school cooking. Today i had the plainest chicken sandwich and a small thing of sherbet on the side.


I made a sandwich with american cheese, turkey slices, bacon, lettuce, and mayo. As well as an apple, my friend was kind enough to buy me some strawberry milk (which I had never tried before-pretty good stuff). That's usually what I have a school. 



Haven't eaten yet. Got some jalapenos at home though.


korean fried chicken wings + rice


Some homemade charro beans poured over white rice. I made a huge pot a few days ago and have been living off it.


Meat loaf, boiled potatoes and some nice sauce. I love my schools kitchen. 




And today I had chicken that was stuffed with ham and cheese. As well as rice and mushrooms.


yum. today I had kfc hot wings. hmmm running theme here


Pizza Bagels best thing to put in the microwave.




This was my lunch yesterday.

74/26 ground sirloin, 1lb 2.6oz (precooked weight according to my digital food scale), each patty cooked medium-rare

dash of sea salt and ground black pepper

3 strips of uncured pork bacon, halved

2 slices of mozzarella/provolone

locally made onion roll

mustard, homemade mayo


I started with 3 strips of halved uncured pork bacon cooked slowly on medium low heat to draw out as much grease as possible while also making very crispy bacon. I drained the bacon on a paper towel when finished. The patties were dashed with sea salt and ground black pepper 20 minutes prior to cooking the bacon. The beef was cooked directly in the bacon grease (DO NOT REMOVE ANY BACON GREASE), cooked to preference (medium-rare, low and slow for a juicy, flavorful burger). Shortly before cooking was complete, I topped each patty with the cheese and bacon (to get the bacon to sink into the cheese, making assembly less irritating. I hate it when bacon decides it wants to do its own thing and end up on the plate), covering the pan with a lid to get a good melt. Buns were toasted in another pan before assembly. Topped the middle and top buns with homemade mayo and mustard and completed assembly.


For reference, the plate is 8 inches across, resulting in a burger roughly 4.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall.

*note* it may seem wasteful, but that beef was starting to get a little old and needed to be eaten before going bad. Would I make it again? Yes, but I'd probably get rid of the extra patty and middle bun.

There were no survivors.


A nice, spicy tomato soup with pasta. It's easy to cook, cheap and tastes pretty good. No pics, sorry.


Well I woke up at 11 so my lunch was oatmeal and toast. Oatmeal on toast is very good by the way.


KFC... lol


2x Chicken Nacho Cheese Chalupas

1x burrito /no onion

1x double decker taco supreme

Large Diet Pepsi