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Photography from the community



I would love to see some of your guys photography. Post it here, in web res if you will. In case someone tries to steal it.


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dont scroll down too far as it gets pretty terrible ;) 


I like it. 


Thanks, I really appreciate criticism on my photos :)



Nice stuff guys.  I haven't taken any photos other than snap shots and the occasional product shot in years.  I kind of miss it.


This is a picture of the frost that had taken over my window the other day.

Full res here





Not bad. That shadow though.


Here's just some random pictures, in no particular order

More here >

And just to keep it nerdy...


Awesome pictures, guys. I love it.



This is a collection of my photos and a lot of other stuff I've designed, I update every Monday!


Got lots of it. Will need to find all of them.





Some of these pictures are really nice. I guess here's my Flickr:


Some Astrophotography for everyone

Took it back in October in the UK,

Canon 600D

30 second shutter speed, ISO 1600 and an aperture of F3.5


amazing :0



I need to get my tripod so i can take some night shots



editing some pics of my trip up north right now. We stayed in cabin 10 though

My deviantart