Synthwave 101: Sounds of the Neon Age

Are you looking for synthwave? Are you looking to get others to join the "neon age" of the 80's synthwave scene? Then look no further! Share the music of your favorite synthpop/synthwave/new retro/new disco/new wave/whatever the hell else it's called artist here with the Tek Syndicate community.

Here are some of my recommendations:


Miami Nights 1984:


Night Runner:

Danger Mode:


New Retro Wave Records:

I'll leave more recommendations here as I find more. Now, it's your turn.


How about Carpenter Brut?


The Drive soundtrack was littered with stuff like this. Most notably Kavinsky and Electric Youth.


This album technically doesn't exist yet, but this track reminds me of Kavinsky.

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Well, there goes that.

Sweet mix of synth and clear percussion. Pretty slow, but very nice to listen to.

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Wynardtage - Praise the Fallen (Death's Embrace Mix)

Cylab - Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana Cover)

Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song (VNV Nation Mix)

Bruderschaft - Forever
[This a Supergroup containing members of VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Covenant, FGFC820, Icon of Coil]

Theatre des Vampires - Wherever You Are

Amoebaassassin - Robots
[This is an Ultra Rare Track if anyone cares. it was only made for this game back in 2001 this group rarely releases albums only singles but they are amazing]


Synth. Its what I've been searching for all this time after Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Finally I'm home.
best soundtrack imo

the reason I loved the game

EDIT: you have no idea how long i've needed a thread like this I LOVE THIS SHIT

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Lazerhawk (yes it is spelled with a z)

And some other synthesized goodness here is my playlist.

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Let me then recommend you Lost Years. Check their Amplifier album here. Welcome to Synth.

Welcome to synth, my friend.

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Waveshaper, Perturbator, and Miami Nights 1984 are really good.

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I really like Chromatics (what started me on this path) they are more disco but still so good.

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lol the start of this reminds me of the main theme from the Fletch movies :D

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it is classic 80's

thanks. i have this overwhelming urge to go watch the running man now . . .