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The Coffee Thread

This thread is where we can all discuss all things coffee:

  • Brewing Styles

  • Roasts

  • Additions

  • Mugs

  • Anything coffee related


My favorite coffee's:

  1. Death Wish Coffee

This shit is simply amazing, it's dark, strong, and delicious. It's advertised as the worlds strongest coffee, I doubt that, but it is really good. You can order it off of their website, I highly recommend it.

  1. Dark Magic (Green Mountain Coffee)

This is what I make when I'm forced to use a Keurig coffee maker (work mostly). It's similar to Death Wish, it's dark roast, and bold with great flavor.

How I make and serve it:

To make my coffee I usually blend the whole beans and use a french press. I have tried cold brewing, it was okay, but I prefer just making hot coffee and pouring it over ice.

I drink my coffee black, but sometimes I will put a little cinnamon in it, or some vanilla extract (thanks for that @Zavar).

I also drink it out of my Tek Syndicate mug, will attach picture later.

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Brewing Styles: Cold Brew
Roasts: Death by Chocolate
Additions: Caffeine!!!!
Mugs: I use any cup i want. What a rebel!

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I just ordered a two pound bag of Death Wish and their 2016 Mug, because reasons.

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I think I have had that before, it was okay, but too much chocolate for me.

Caffeine Toothpaste because mornings suck.

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this is the coffee that's brewed at home

coffee shop at work

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This one is much more coffee and less chocolate. Made in the town i live in in Kansas. Not gonna say what town because its small so i would be easy to find.

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I don't drink anything special for American coffee, but this is about the best espresso I've found. I don't like grinding it myself, so I can't compare it to any whole beans. Definitely worth the price, which is about five times higher than standard Bustelo or La Llave.

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I currently work for i drink that...because free coffee XD

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I'm not much of a coffee drinker - not because I don't like it...but because we only have a Keurig in this apartment (which my room mate loves...I hate) and I don't like my coffee black and we have nothing for unblackening the coffee.

Anyways, here's 10 hours of some anime girls arguing over Green Tea or Kawfee

I use a conical burr grinder and a Bunn Velocity brew coffee maker with a thermal carafe instead of a hot plate. It works pretty well. The Bunn's reservoir stays at a constant 200F and it'll brew a pot in about 3 1/2 minutes. I've been buying whole beans from The Independence Coffee Company out of Brenham, TX at the local HEB grocery store. I usually get their Early Wine Breakfast Blend or Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel is a dark roast. I usually drink my coffee black or with some Bailey's Vanilla Cinnamon Irish Cream if I have some on hand.

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I've had the Keurig version of Jet Fuel, it's pretty good.

I don't drink coffee hardly ever, but when I do partake it's usually something fairly dark, like the Dark Magic @Ethereal posted. And of course, once you go black you never go back.

The best coffee I've ever had though was a specialty light roast with some whole organic vanilla beans sealed up with the coffee beans. Fresh ground and with a Chemex it tasted pretty much like magic.


Black coffee is best coffee


i already love this thread. Though i'm lazy/always in a hurry so i don't invest much time in brewing, i would if i could be bothered/justify the investment. BECAUSE I LOVE A GOOD STRONG BLACK ...COFFEE.


I kinda want to try the Green Mountain Sumatran Lake Tawar.

This tropical garden coffee’s fragrance offers notes of clove and cardamom. In the cup it expresses cedar and port wine, earth and moss. We savor its syrupy body, and its smoke and caramel finish.

anyone try this one?

pretty curious.

I have had GMC Sumatran blend, it was really good.

Poop coffee? I'm good.