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Guess that anime thread game

ok so this is just like the [Thread Game] Guess That Movie or TV Show(non-anime)
but for anime
post a screen cap and people guess what anime it is. give hints if necessary (example it’s been 5 days) and whoever guesses it gets to post the next screenshot. game never ends and the point is to have fun and find new stuff to watch. if you wish you can give up your turn. if you go awol without posting a screenshot or after posting one for extended period of time at some point we will skip you if we absolutely have to.

i’ll start with what stumped the normies


is this movie part of a larger series?

one off movie with no manga or series im aware of.

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Patema Inverted?


you got it!

Haven’t seen Patema in a while so it took me a bit.

Here’s a kind of under rated movie:

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I haven’t seen it, but I tried browsing steampunk movies due to the steam boats in the picture, and the background in the cover art looks kinda similar.


Nice job, you got it.

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I got interested in the author after watching the other movie with his more famous title, only to find out he died fairly young with only a few releases.

empire of corpses?

That is correct

The two other anime movies based on novels by Project Itoh are Harmony and Genocidal Organ.


hint guy? girl? in this pic is one of the 2 that make up the mc’s party.

Magi, that’s definitely Morgiana



So it’s no strictly movies anymore huh?
I’ll find something once i get home.

strictly movies was the other thread, and where is the fun in that? and anime is weird we got onas and multi part movies and specials and shit. its less black and white what is a movie or not.


@Skelterz give me a screen shot already

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Sorry, hard getting something that cant be reverse image searched but ill have one up after i eat (about an hour)

Ok finally got a screen shot let the game continue!

Looks cool though

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