Favorite educational podcasts?

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My favorite is JRE because of how deep the topics go, and I’ve learned more from that than I have from school. I’m not talking about math, but history, economy and people. My favorite is #1914. 2032 is what should be in news. #2062 talks about food production and big ag.

Another great podcast I enjoy is

Let’s be blunt with Montel

It talks about how plants and gpod nutrition can help alleviate some health issues.

Destination Linux / Tux Digital network, DasGeek / Hardware Addicts

Some episodes talk about electronic waste, mineral mining and the harm that non-repairable devices cause to our planet and humanity.

Great Moments in Weed History

The RIDICULUS infringement on American’s rights, beginning in the 1930s, because of a plant, a fairly mild one if no serious issues, and how people have fought this denial of personal freedom ever since, still going on all around the entire globe today, becuase of the strange law in 1970s that most other countries followed, without due research.

Field, Lab, Earth

Great resource for learning about plants, grass, water systems and soil.

What podcasts educate you?

Stuff you should know is great and covers a really wide variety of topics. I also like to listen to darknet diaries, the host interviews some really interesting people.

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I need to get back in to podcasts. I used to listen all the time while working with my hands, but injuries have cut back on my ability to stay upright. In any event, I used to listen to all kinds of podcasts in various areas.

For history podcasts, I like:
Hardcore History
Fall of Civilizations
American Revolution
Tides of History
Travels Through Time

The first podcast I listened to was the Permies Podcast, or Homesteading and Permaculture by Paul Wheaton as it shows up for me now. It covers all kinds of topics around food production, reducing waste, tiny houses, and all sorts of other alternative homesteading stuff. I like how he usually has a list to stay on topic and makes certain to emphasize all points he wants to make without getting lost in the weeds. It’s extremely information dense.

There are other podcasts I like talking about similar things that tend to stray into topics that can be polarizing. They are informative enough that I can ignore the other parts. Even if I do agree with someone on their polarizing topic, it tends to lead people into complaining about the same thing over and over and it gets old really fast, so I won’t mention them here. The same goes for Linux expect that topic is infinitely more polarizing.

Arts and media may be too low traffic of an area for this, so I’m updating it for visibility. I think podcasts are our new education platform, as school education is basically not functional at the moment. Podcasts can be a new digital library of knowledge and accurate news sources that corporate news network are no longer, or rather, were never willing to offer.

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if your into science/physics then give either of these two a look.
sean carroll.
brian green.

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Let’s keep this going!

Jupiter Broadcasting: Linux Unplugged, Self Hosted and all the rest.

Alright I gave this a month, I’m surprised this would not be a more interesting post for the community. I have made a correction to my post, #1914 of JRE is about the mineral mining industry in the Congo in Africa and the child slavery going on but with that, horrible environmental conditions, and a majority of children born in this area have serious birth defects.

fantastic security podcast with good production:

reverse engineering / exploit development, a bit more into the technical weeds:

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I think DarkNet Diaries is running out of material to make story on. which is somewhat weird because of the amount of issues/hacking stories that’s popping up left and right.

I think they went from every 2 weeks release to just monthly recently. Not sure if their new publishing overlord dictates the release cycle though.


Science podcast featuring mathematicians and physicists and the like:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. podcast is very educational discusses water quality, medicine, food production, and corrupt government agencies. He has also described his understanding of the events regarding the big questions everyone wants to know, he discusses this in depth with Joe Rogan.

RFK Jr is a waterkeeper and hosts many guests on the show that also help protect waterways and expose state agencies that try to take over a lawsuit of a company to offer an undesirable pass on pollution. Also discussed is plastic pollution in our oceans, mountains, food and drinking water, as well as fish, many miles offshore.

Other topics include vaccine mandates, vaccine laws and lack of safety requirements, the governmental terrorism in Australia, and major issues with large-scale pesticide/insecticide based food production, and its harms to both the planet and the human body.

Star Talk is very entertaining with Neil Tyson, give it a listen, especially the live episodes in front of an audience.

Gastropod is really educational, I found it from another recommendation, and spotify from another podcast recommended it. This one is great, though the hosts occasionally through in their uneducated political jabs I mean jokes.

BBC Radio’s In Our TIme is fantastic and free to download I believe… some excellent stuff here, from history to the sciences to philosophy…