Devember 2018

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:fire: Hype

It’s almost that magical time of year again! No, not Xmas :christmas_tree: . Although, just as magical. :wink:

I’m talking about Devember.

:mega: Purpose

So, what is Devember? Here is their official site if you would like to see for yourself:

In a word, Devember is a challenge. One that you impose upon yourself; to code for one hour each and every day in the month of December. You do this for the sake of the pursuit of knowledge.

The challenge is pretty open. You can decide for yourself what you wish to do: learn a new language, learn a new stack, develop an ambitious project, continue from a previous project, or just have a little fun.

:thought_balloon: Suggestions

To be frank, it’s unrealistic to code for a solid hour straight if you do not have a plan. That is why I suggest everyone either does the agile method of development or spend the first few days formulating a plan and then spend the rest of that time executing that plan.

Therefore, this topic will go up on November 25th–approximately one week–to allow people time to prepare accordingly.

From last years challenge, we learned a lot. One thing I’ll share is that people live busy lives and may not be able to fully commit. I totally understand that life can get in the way of things, however, I don’t want that to discourage you. Any effort, no matter how small, towards a goal is net positive progress.

That said, I will monitor threads with it as much as possible to be supportive.

So set a goal for yourself and just do itTM.

:balance_scale: Rules

If you would like to sign up for this challenge, simply make a thread with the tag, #devember2k18. The thread can be either under #blog or #code.

Next, add your name, and your project name to the wiki post bellow to help build an index of user projects (this will help mods hand out the badge :wink: ).

Within your thread you need to contain a copy of your contract. Here is the sample:

I, insert name, will participate to the next Devember. My Devember will be insert objective. I promise I will program for my Devember for at least an hour, every day of the next December. I will also write a daily public devlog and will make the produced code publicly available on the internet. No matter what, I will keep my promise.

here describe your Devember

:thinking: Ideas

If you need some ideas, please feel free to ask or check out this subreddit for ideas:

:medal_sports: Perks

If you complete this challenge then you get a shiny new L3 badge, the Devember Badge!

:hammer_and_wrench: Happy coding!

:spiral_calendar: Last Year

Here is a link to last years Devember post for reading material.

:wrench: Helpful Stuff

Useful tutorials on most of the languages.

Five mistakes new programmers make.

Aggregate youtube channel of programming talks and events.


Guide to Markdown Tables

Add yourself all ye who enter!

:tada:: Featured

Alien Phoenix Game

By: @Vidiot_X


By: @Argon


Time to go live baby

@SgtAwesomesauce you have your idea yet? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll try and do some more work on my game I will probably never finish, but what the hell…
I have a huge list of tiny little goals I should be able to complete in a day or two, so there is always a goal to be achieved.
I’ll start a new thread soon about the game with more info if anyone is interested.


That’s the spirit!

Also, remember that it doesn’t start until Dec 1, I just opened it a week early for coverage so people could see it and prepare.


Now the time has come. I am not a programmer but I have this idea I want to try out. Let’s see how this goes. :thinking:


Indeed! Take this time to think about your potential project so you can hit the ground running in December.


I am not sure if I can make it one hour a day and if it goes anywhere but this challenge would be a good motivation starter. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did my best to link resources I thought would be useful. Be sure to read the thread in its entirety.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

I have read it and a couple of links already went into my link collection. :wink:


You talk to wendell about hosting the suggested weekly event? or would you want to host and record it?


I planned to record my own actions anyway.

But I have not got a hold of Wendell.


Verified link in the original post above.

It’s Go time :sunglasses:


Look at that beauty! Such a shiny thread :sunglasses:


Thanks @Zavar!

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I was thinking maybe every Saturday or Sunday not sure on time as users are not centrally located on time. Figure maybe 1 hr talk aprox 20-30min presentation followed by Q/A . My wife said she would do 1 talk so thats 1/4 weeks, figure wendell could do a talk pretty easy so 2/4 weeks just would need 2 more talks