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Devember 2018



Am coding for uni anyway, no point in making it a “challenge”.

I have one small project that involves some woodworking (will take 3 to 5 hours total), not sure if that is enough for devember.


I could do one talk.


so only need 1 more if you want to run all weeks, could do more per meeting, but figured those can be added if more want to do a short talk.


Challenge does not mean difficulty level. You could make it more of a commitment to do it for an hour every day, applying what you’ve learned.

One thing college didn’t teach me was what enterprise solutions looks like nor what reading other peoples code through VCS was like.

Your 30 day challenge could be finding a repo or two that needs bug fixes and assisting with that. You’ll learn valuable skills that are applicable to any workplace.


I’m sure @AdminDev would be glad to participate.


Who’s the what, now? Weekly standups? I love standups :sunglasses:

@mutation666 I have a platform equipped for this thing, but if you don’t want it under that name I understand. We could record, edit, and produce and have someone else (L1T?) launch it.


So mainly need a date/time for the talks, and to iron out all the exact streaming set up.


I’m free anytime except wednesdays at 1:45 - 2:00.

Also, before we hijack this too much lets start a new thread/PM for this.


Could be done on any, I was thinking more Hangout type talk with a chatroom in some live stream. So you can talk with voice for question or read them from chat.


Oh, the tasks I have to complete until 23rd december are difficult enough. I think there will be a bit more C and a fuckton of Assembly to be writen.
I am not exactly compelled to sink even more time into source code…

Knowing my codeing skills, I would be spending time I don´t really have to read up on things I probably should not touch in the first place.


I would call it a poetry development slam! :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:


Code is poetry my man :scroll:


therefore the associated title “development slam” :sunglasses:

btw @c0febabe you think Devember is something for you? Computer science is your thing! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m never good at these kinds of challenges, but I may give it a shot.

I have a twitch bot written in Golang on GitHub. It’s feature complete but is CLI only, so I’m thinking of conquering my fears and write a web GUI. No idea where to start. Wonder if that would be interesting for this challenge?


@Dynamic_Gravity of course I have my idea. I talked about it on The RollBak last week, so @admindev knows what’s coming. I’ll sit down at my laptop and prepare a blog thread at some point today and I’ll link it here.


I am thinking about joining a software developer intensive training course next year around April time. My only experience with code is delphi/pascal over 10 years ago and doing a fairly recent free HTML/CSS online course.

Having seen this thread I like the idea but am nervous about diving into the deep end, not even knowing what kind of goal to set for myself. Any tips from experienced coders? Should I bother or do something easier?

Edit: The course will cover;

Introduction module (http, design, basics, security, etc)
Web Design (html, css, bootstrap, flexbox, tables, forms, sass, svg)
UX (user journey, brand, usability)
Security Vulnerabilities

Potential follow up with;

PHP, CAD, Command line, ASP, VB, Visual Studio, Server config, AWS, Python, Ruby on Rails, CMS (e.g. WordPress, Headless CMS), Laravel, Power BI, Sharepoint, C#, Android/iOS.

The course is sponsored by several tech companies in the area so it is down to who I would be working with at the end of the course as to what kind of route they’d want me to take.


If you have a project in mind, or a language you want to learn, I’d go for it.

It’s an exercise to try to get you to build a habit of writing code, not a structured regime you have to adopt unwaveringly. If you’re interested, give it a try, if you can’t code every day, or something goes wrong, nobody will be upset.

It’s all about self-improvement.


That is exactly how I apply the challenge meaning. For me it’s more of a challenge to work on it consistently…


Maybe, I have other stuff on the table. Sounds fun though.


Do it!

you know you want to…