BookrV and the little Script that could

Okay, so i have this little script that OCs AMDGPUs especially the Vega56

Like all the projects i start, i start them but never finish them.


So this #Devember2k18 i shall finish this little thing and help out people who dont know how to OC their Vega Cards under Linux


Here it is the first draft:

Its only a .sh script and if you run the AMDGPU drivers it should work just by running it with sudo or as root.

this is hastly and badly written
and if you run it, thats on you.


I don’t have a vega card, but this is a nice little project. :slightly_smiling_face:

… oh, I see AMDGPUs in general!

good luck!

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I can test rx480 and Vega56 but the script uses the AMDGPU drivers, so it should work on all cards, but i guess testing rx480s and Vega56s should cover most AMD cards that most people have.

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Good luck!


Quick little update:


so it looks like i gotta start over.

i dont know wtf i thought i was doing but i just sunk 2 hours into it and nothing fucking works.

so… i gotta start over…


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sign me up


no probs, but for what exactly?

for update notifications to this thread via email

I also have a V56 and no idea how to overclock… tried a few things… but nothing happened.

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yeah, when “im done” (lol) i’ll post it and write a how to and shit.

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If you learned something then it wasn’t wasted.

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not if you learned, forgot and start anew. but yeah, its a good exercise and i will enjoy it if im not that frustrated all the time which happens quite fast. Devember :heart:

well, I can relate
but I am sure you can get that sorted :slightly_smiling_face:

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so I do have the raijintek morhpeus II now and will mod one of the Vega56 with it.

I dont wanna to that much of benchmarks and all, because there are still a lot of parameters that a lot of people haven’t figured out, so the findings will be somewhat legit but won’t be “the standard” of vega56 benchmarks.


i have a couple of steam games on linux and will build a little “test rig”.

I’ll post what games I have and then i would ask you people to gather some “benchmarks” on an “out of the box” linux install and then with all the bells and whistles and my script, so we have a comparison.

godspeed, folks.

Theres results of the unigene superposition for V56 …in a thread somewhere up here

the “alpha” is linked in the first post.

please dont stone me to death for it.


where do you check to see if the user entered ‘n’ to your question?

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I havent yet. Simply because i havent had time yet.

I also have no trackimg of temp regarding fan control.

And no auto oc functuon when steam is running.

So be aware.


Do you know if its possible to just raise the power limit and the gpu will self fan/clock adjust?

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Yeah that doesnt work. Raising the powerlimit is necessary but you need to set the profile to either high or performance then it will work. Dont know why it doesnt do that by itself.

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