Devember Time!

Hey guys, anyone wanna do the Devember challenge? :smiley:

For the uninitiated, Devember is a monthly challenge to code for 1 hour each and every day to accomplish a goal/project.

All willing, please create a thread and follow the rules in the link below. I shall update this for anyone who is willing to participate and hold accountable.

EDIT: I have created a public repo For my project. If you are interested in contributing, submit a PR.



neat. i might do that. will create a post if i do and link it here :smiley:

should have a contestants section and make note of those who succeed and those who fail (aka me XD)


Yeah that’s a great idea. We should get a stickied topic.


Can we get a sticky post about Devember?


Interesting. I might also do this. already have a fair few projects I’ve been neglecting that I need to get back to.


Updated with a repo.

I’m definitely participating ( privately ).

By the way, isn’t it about time, there’s a discord channel for “Development”?

Edit: By the above ^ I mean a channel inside L1 discord.

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There’s lots out there. From my experience, they all seem to go kinda quiet after awhile.

A lot of us have jobs (at least here) and can’t sit in chat all day.

That why I think this challenge is neat, because it allows us to do it on our own time.

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I started a month ago… does it count? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha sure! Looks like you’ve got a headstart. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pinned! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects. :slight_smile:


Hmm. A couple small projects id like to do. Been wanting to get back onto programming.


Not sure I’ll have time to participate. I’ll definitely be available as a resource if anyone is stuck.


One small discrepancy with the contract.

Ill wear tight pants, but ya know… I’m not going to cut it off.

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Why not? It makes you twice as valuable to any tech company!


I might ask a few. Can we make a room in discord or irc for this?

I like that idea.

@kreestuh, discord room for development/coding?

So basically a coding version of the monthly occasional challenges we occasionally do on occasion?
Count me in, although I will start tomorrow, cause the rest of today I will be at work and will have no time to do…

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I added one for the devember challenge, if it gets used a lot we can set it to be a general dev room at the end of the month. :slight_smile:


I’m in, but I’m posting my log on my site, not in thread though, I despise forums these days.
Already been working on something, but this will just force me to commit to it!