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Devember Time!



Hey guys, anyone wanna do the Devember challenge? :smiley:

For the uninitiated, Devember is a monthly challenge to code for 1 hour each and every day to accomplish a goal/project.

All willing, please create a thread and follow the rules in the link below. I shall update this for anyone who is willing to participate and hold accountable.

EDIT: I have created a public repo For my project. If you are interested in contributing, submit a PR.


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neat. i might do that. will create a post if i do and link it here :smiley:

should have a contestants section and make note of those who succeed and those who fail (aka me XD)


Yeah that’s a great idea. We should get a stickied topic.


Can we get a sticky post about Devember?


Interesting. I might also do this. already have a fair few projects I’ve been neglecting that I need to get back to.


Updated with a repo.


I’m definitely participating ( privately ).

By the way, isn’t it about time, there’s a discord channel for “Development”?

Edit: By the above ^ I mean a channel inside L1 discord.


There’s lots out there. From my experience, they all seem to go kinda quiet after awhile.

A lot of us have jobs (at least here) and can’t sit in chat all day.

That why I think this challenge is neat, because it allows us to do it on our own time.


I started a month ago… does it count? :stuck_out_tongue:


haha sure! Looks like you’ve got a headstart. :stuck_out_tongue:



Pinned! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects. :slight_smile:


Hmm. A couple small projects id like to do. Been wanting to get back onto programming.


Not sure I’ll have time to participate. I’ll definitely be available as a resource if anyone is stuck.


One small discrepancy with the contract.

Ill wear tight pants, but ya know… I’m not going to cut it off.


Why not? It makes you twice as valuable to any tech company!


I might ask a few. Can we make a room in discord or irc for this?


I like that idea.

@kreestuh, discord room for development/coding?


So basically a coding version of the monthly occasional challenges we occasionally do on occasion?
Count me in, although I will start tomorrow, cause the rest of today I will be at work and will have no time to do…


I added one for the devember challenge, if it gets used a lot we can set it to be a general dev room at the end of the month. :slight_smile:


I’m in, but I’m posting my log on my site, not in thread though, I despise forums these days.
Already been working on something, but this will just force me to commit to it!