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How do you start a blog? Should I open with Hello or maybe a greeting of welcome in several languages I don’t actually speak? Honestly I have no Idea, and I think that I will come to that conclusion a lot in this blog. I for one am OK with that and I hope you are too I’m not a Master Beekeeper in fact I have never kept bees before. I Am not a Writer in fact I have never published anything before. So if at this point you have already decided that this Blog isn't for you, or not worth your time it’s fine I understand. You can navigate away from this page and we can still part as friends. OK maybe not friends. I mean it's nothing personal but I dont even know you, However If you decide to stay and check out this blog from time to time that would be great, and who knows maybe we'll become friends but that's yet to be seen. One thing is certain however If you stick around we will learn about keeping bees. What to do and not to do. I promise you will laugh at me ( let's face it your the Internet that’s what you do. ) and that I will laugh at myself too as I attempt to become a suburban / urban beekeeper.

Know that I’m not going into this thing completely blind. I have been doing research watching videos of course on youtube ( where all good research should start ) going to lectures and reading books. We have some time to get prepared before we place our order for about 10,000 females online. I mean things could get very harry if we are not ready. I mean there is literally this whole thing with pheromones keeping all those girls synced up. In my experience we are going to have to understand that pretty well if we don't want to get swarmed. For the record I fully expect things to get harry at some point but, I am not about to pop a lid off of a package of bees and toss it in a box say “See ya later girls.” and hope for the best. ( well honestly I sort of will but more about that later. ) My point is I want to do this right or at least as right as I am able. When I mess it up I will write about it here or you can watch me balls it up in a video so you can do two things. First you can laugh at me. Like I said your the Internet that's what you do, and I don't take myself that seriously I wont be offended. Secondly, I hope that if you have decided to keep bees as well that you wont make the same mistakes that I will definitely be making and likely applying baking soda paste to.

In this blog I will be sharing with you all of the sources and materials that I find along this journey links to books and videos and other resources I find, as well as the experiences that I have so that you too can start and maintain your own thriving bee colony too. I will definitely bee making a lot of poor bee puns along the way ( you see what I did there ) and If you have questions please ask and I will answer you the best I can and If I don't know I will try to find out or point you in the right direction.

we will also be discussing gardening from time to time and growing your own fruits and vegetables
talking about what to cook all this healthy, and delicious food. Hopefully at some point we will even make some mead.

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Antennas Up: ( Questions to the community )

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Bee Syndicate B.I.Y.

Stuff to do with all that stuff we get from bees!

* Honey


Dree's Honey Muffins ( Donas Amelias )


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This is interesting... Curious to see how things turn out with the bees.

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Thanks me too. Honestly I haven't been this excited to learn about and do something new since I started messing with computers. and I'm glad that I get to share it with everyone on Syndicate. I figured Like minded people often like the same things so I hope that some people here will enjoy the process as much as I am.

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looks like something else for me to look forward too keep us posted i will follow and learn doing stuff like this to me is interesting

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Well this should be interesting. I like seeing people post blogs, it's quite nice.

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@souljiond & @Ethereal Thanks. I'v never had a blog before. So far I like it I hope you guys like it too.

@beesyndicate your welcome keep us up to date

This should bee interesting muhahahah. Seriously though, welcome to the forum! I'm looking forward to some cool updates.

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Thanks for checking it out! I hope to keep up the pace for a while with lots of blog posts.

I finished tomorrows post about the drone bees. I think you are going to enjoy it . I try to set strait everyone who bee hate'n on the drone bee. I will post it at some point later in the day rather than overnight like i'v been doing. I cant wait to share it with you Tek Syndicate

So you're going to write a blog about beekeeping as a first timer? Sounds interesting. Stream it. Maybeeee some people will like that too!

Yea it should be fun. I have been thinking about some type of webcam posted at my hive too when I get it in the spring.

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That would be interesting! Like a 24/7 webcam thing just to look at the bees.

exactly w/ audio o/c not sure exactly how I'm going to do it but there is time to figure that out

How often do you guys think i should make posts?

Up to you. You're the blogger :) I'd say if you feel that anything interesting occurred since last update, might as well post one.

The webcam idea would be pretty cool too.

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I've a question for you, considering you're much more into bees I am lol
Would you say honey is vegan? i.e. would you consider bees and honey akin to cows and milk?
I got asked this myself by someone and it's been annoying me since.

Check it out a new blog post just for you, and well everyone else too.

Bee Syndicate S1 E10 9/7/2015 Is Honey Vegan? Its sort of up to you

i had missed this article somehow, what an interesting study hopefully it will lead to a solution regarding the decline of bees