Bee Syndicate S1 E13 11/19/2015 Breathe, Breathe In the Air

Bee Syndicate S1 E13 11/19/2015 Breathe, Breathe In the Air.

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If you watch the most recent episode of WASD you may recall the silly moment at the end of the show when a fruit fly landed in @Pistol ‘s drink. She mentioned that she thought they breathe through holes in their exoskeleton now I can’t claim to be an expert on fruit flies but as far as bees go this is absolutely true.

A bee’s exoskeleton is made of material called chitin. Chitin Is a lightweight yet very strong glucose polymer that can support lots of weight. This rigid exoskeleton eliminates the need for the bees to have any type of internal bones. It also prevents them from growing so during the larval stage the larva must shed its skin.

Please do not have a circulatory system like you and I have a circulatory system but rather body filled with lymphatic fluid called hemolymph and blood Wow he's don't have lungs in the traditional sense they do have a system of air sacs and tracheas that move oxygen into in carbon dioxide out of the hemolymph. Air is sucked into the system through openings on the bee's abdomen By expanding the air sacs. the openings on the closed and the air sacs contract to force the air into the tracheas. This is where the extraction of the oxygen takes place.

If ever you find yourself in a situation where it is unsafe to remove a hive and relocate the colony or for whatever reason you just can't save the bees. there's no need to spray them with some awful chemical that results in a painful death in the contaminating the area with some unknown neurotoxin. Water with dish soap will work just fine the Sobe film will clog the openings on the bee's abdomen in a couple of minutes you will have dispatch the bees without the use of harsh chemicals but please try and save your bees they call the local beekeeper is probably your best option for them to relocate the colony