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@Bee_Syndicate I replaced all your links so they work again... Now I just need to do the link backs on each of your topics xD


Thank you Eden you and @wendell are the best. Are the links all going to be the same except the fourms.teksyndicate part?


Yeah the only bit that needs changed is the domain name to

Season 1 done.

@wendell don't suppose there's a way to edit all domain links on all posts everywhere?


yep, but thats the rebake that backed up the other day and I cancelled it when it backed up


Thanks @Eden I see that you have been editing the posts. I appreciate that.


click the wrench and then click "rebuild html" is easy way?


Nope, doesn't change the linked domains.

Ive just used a firefox plugin to do some of them.


huh weird, it did for me.. just now.. strange.
the wrench on the actual post?
sec leme try one
got a link to a broke one?


Anything in season 2, the linkback at the top of the post


ohh crap this isnt what I thought it was, I thought it was the embedded images. there are even shortened urls to google's url shortener :-\


I just got a notification from Sept 2015 from this thread what is happening why is the sky falling


shh its fine we fixing urls




lol how do I add "The most amazing troll Wendell has ever seen.' after my displayed user name in posts. ie your's says "you still cant take the sky from me"


It was always there..... :P


Lol Thank you.


what do you make of the fact Cuba's bee colonies have had no problems? No colony collapse disorder?


I'd make it out to be Cuban propaganda more than likely. Extremely unlikely that they're not having that problem.


I like bees! I spent some time last southern hemisphere summer doing honey harvesting for an organic honey company. Super fascinating I learnt so much more than I would have thought. Hope your bees are going well (only just stumbled on the thread so will read through over time.).