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BeeSyndice Podcasts S1 E1


First podcast is finally here. A bit long winded, but you have to get all the setup out of the way. Please enjoy.

Bee Syndicate S2 E9 06/01/2016 Something Strange Happened on the Toilet the Other Day. or Swarm Season
Bee Syndicate

This might be interesting :D Gonna have to check this out!


13 seconds in, im convinced @Bee_Syndicate is really a bee!

@Logan @wendell @DeusQain you guys should give it a listen.


Thanks @Eden Maybe I am just a drone for the powerful bee lobby. but I hope everyone enjoys it Id like the pace in future podcasts to be a little quicker. Hearing my voice in my headset is slowing my cadence down and makes it difficult to pronounce words. So I have got to get used to that or do it without a headset next time.


@Atomic_Charge I made a podcast does it count for ( )? For Plus the house for the bees is out back finishing the staining today.


Yep. This counts.


Any feedback anyone?


I thought it was good. I had no idea you could order bees. I mean it's obvious but.. No idea.

Easy to listen to.


Thank you I hope to be making E2 soon.


The ads are funny as well

I don't think I've ever seen a honey bee in the wild, just bumble bees and a man made honey bee hive once.


That's probably not good. Maybe you should consider keeping some if your area is lacking them. You know in China they have already killed off just about all the honey bees and they have to pollinate crops with paintbrushes.

I enjoyed making the ads they were a lot of fun. They will definitely continue to be a part of the podcast.