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Bee Syndicate Buzz 0009 03/18/2016


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Today I went outside to score the inside of my hive bodies. I am doing this to encourage the bees to build a propolis envelope. While doing this project I noticed a huge problem

I can see the problem from here.

Do you see it?

see it yet?

I bet you see it now after I have fixed it.

Fixed it ... Thank goodness. Disaster avoided!

Bee Syndicate

Awesome job but it needs black paint!


Would have been my first choice, but the bees don't like the dark colors and can cause it to get to hot during the summer.


Good point it likes it's made of very nice wood I wonder if you could use an exterior stain?


I would be wary of stain, as it could leech into the bees/honey/hive


That is exactly what is on them now. I couldnt bring myself to do a standard white hive. The wood just looks so nice.


The stain should be fine its only on the outside. I had this concern too but, a bit of consulting with other beekeepers and the internet and it seems it should be fine. Some high end hives come stained.


That sounds like a project. the stain regardless of color can be darkened with the addition of water. Normally for fine woodworking projects it would be sealed as well but that would probably seal airflow on the hive.


I'm liking the shade they came out. again I don't want them to be dark. Bees tend to not like big dark objects I'm told it reminds them of bears one of the great enemies of the honey bee. As for the airflow the bees are going to seal the cracks and holes with propolis as one of the first tasks when taking residence in the hive.they will leave the bottom entrance and top vent unsealed and in the case of the hive with the screened bottom board they will leave that open too. but all of the small gaps and cracks will get sealed and "glued" together. Also I have scored or rouged up the inside of the hive bodies with sand paper to encourage the bees to make a complete propolis envelope. This will help keep the bees healthy.


That is amazing that the bees will seal up the hive on their own project looks great


Yea, bees have been one of those things that just get cooler the more I learn about them.