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DIY Corner Hello, this is the DIY Category. Feel free to post DIY related stuff here. Electronics, case mods, gamer room renovations, server closet updates, wood and metal working, all DIY projects are welcome in here. Security A place to discuss all aspects of security, be it infosec, physical, hacking. Events LANs, conventions, meetups, and other social situations! Education & Jobs Welcome to our Jobs & Studies forum! Here, you may post your helps and queries on finding a new job and a place to study here, giving out an advice on how to successfully acquire a job and a place to study and posting up current vacancies of course. You are free to post any job and study places based on anything, that means it doesn't have to be exclusively related to tech. Buy/Sell/Trade Welcome to the Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) forum! This area is for members who are wanting to sell their stuff, wanting to buy an item from other members or just doing trade-ins with each other. Since we’re talking about trading online, having guidelines for the B/S/T forum is necessary to protect the users from scamming or poor trading experience, saving you guys money and stress where someone are trying to sell you non-existent or broken item, thus, giving you the flexibility to contact each other all within the forum. Tech Policy & News Place to discuss Policy that affects Technology.
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