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Buy/Sell/Trade Welcome to the Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) forum! This area is for members who are wanting to sell their stuff, wanting to buy an item from other members or just doing trade-ins with each other. Since we’re talking about trading online, having guidelines for the B/S/T forum is necessary to protect the users from scamming or poor trading experience, saving you guys money and stress where someone are trying to sell you non-existent or broken item, thus, giving you the flexibility to contact each other all within the forum. Events LANs, conventions, meetups, and other social situations! Finance & Business Tech Policy & News Place to discuss Policy that affects Technology. DIY Corner Hello, this is the DIY Category. Feel free to post DIY related stuff here. Electronics, case mods, gamer room renovations, server closet updates, wood and metal working, all DIY projects are welcome in here.
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About the Community category 2 February 7, 2015
What Have You Done to Improve Your Life This Week? (2 Sept) 58 September 2, 2019
What Have You Done To Improve Your Life This Week #3 35 September 14, 2019
News Story Dump Thread - Stories Only

The premise behind this thread is a place for you to dump news stories you find interesting or discover stories that others have shared. Rules: -This is for article/video links only, if you want to have a conversation …

20 December 18, 2018
How Many of You Save Money? 211 April 23, 2019
Poll Syndicate 2536 May 30, 2016
TekSavvy to Customers: "We lowered your Internet bill. Thank the CRTC." 11 September 15, 2019
[WTS] [US-MT] MASSDROP CTH + SDAC DAC/AMP $280 Shipped [PayPal] 1 September 15, 2019
Huawei selling laptops with Linux preinstalled 50 September 12, 2019
Just Do It Challenge: Revival Edition 134 July 1, 2019
Automated buy bots tricked 4 August 11, 2019
Level 1 Gains 613 November 6, 2018
Apple Event Sept. 10 209 August 29, 2019
[FS] Final Audio B2 3 July 31, 2019
[WTS] A little bit of everything (updated 10 Sep 2019) 8 August 24, 2019
Skelterz' Cosplay Project? [Just Do It!] 17 August 12, 2019
Portable stereo mod: D cell -> 18650, Tape -> Bluetooth, CD -> Pi Zero music player (brainstorming) 35 September 3, 2019
San Diego Saturdays 5 September 6, 2019
Even747's DIY blog 11 September 4, 2019
Bunch of Electronics Projects [Just Do It Challenge] 7 August 18, 2019
WTB/WTT High Density DDR1 1 September 6, 2019
Apple Music is now on the web version 3 September 5, 2019
India Croudfunds Biometric linking to Voter ID #FOSS ( i upload my fingerprint . . plz respond ) 3 September 5, 2019
Casemod Project: "Strobe" - Building new case from scratch 62 March 21, 2019
Post Surgery Help 11 September 4, 2019
Advanced Microprocessor Built Out of Carbon Nanotubes 2 August 31, 2019
Microsoft allowing exFAT in Linux kernel 23 August 29, 2019
Biometrics are only as secure as how they're stored 17 August 14, 2019
Apple to let small independent repair shops repair iPhones 11 August 29, 2019
"one man's trash other man's treasure" trade / giveaway thread

This thread is here to trade or give away old hardware you actually want to throw away but can still be used by someone. How to? post a comment with: Name of item(s) condition of item at least one picture possible de…

153 February 21, 2018