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I must preface this by saying if you are going to say this is an NSA thread then GTFO and STFU

and if it bothers you that much…

#Poll Syndicate
no need for a debate when you can have a poll
Please for the love insert you deity here suggest other things to poll on, I want this to be comprehensive

and if you dont want to answer something, so be it, no need to make noise about it

here we go

also note, polls are not in any meaningful order

  • Intel/Nvidia
  • Intel/AMD
  • Intel/Intel (igpu)

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  • born before the 90’s
  • during the 90’s
  • after the 90’s

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  • male
  • female
  • attack helicopter
  • I do not wish to disclose and identify as an “it”

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  • owns at least one Corsair product
  • Corsair is for plebs

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  • I run Windows exclusively
  • I run Linux exclusively
  • I use both regularly (dual boot, VM’s, and whatnot)

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EDIT: apparently I can only have 5 polls in a post

solution…more posts


what mobile OS do you use

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • I do not have a smartphone


  • I have a job
  • I am unemployed
  • not old enough to work
  • retired


  • coke product family
  • pepsi product family


  • coffee
  • tea
  • both
  • I consume caffeine another way
  • I do not consume that much caffeine at all, if any


  • metal (yes I know this is rather broad)
  • rock
  • jazz
  • synthwave/techno/dubstep
  • classical
  • other


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  • FPS
  • RPG
  • RTS
  • simulators (I'm including racing in here)
  • adventure
  • arcade


  • I am a converted console gamer
  • I have always gamed on PC
  • I only game on console


how many displays are you rollin' with

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4 or more


  • Comcast
  • Time Warner
  • Charter
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Google
  • municipality
  • satellite
  • other


  • Murica
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Asia
  • other



reserved because why not


you should add an ubuntu phone choice....


EDIT: no dice

cant edit/delete poll after first five minutes?!?

oh well

this page keeps crashing my Chrome tab


Same happens in Firefox for me...

this thread is acting weird...

@wendell I guess you could call this stress testing lol

Why is Dr. Pepper not a choice for the Cokes?

Specifically a Dublin Dr. Pepper. If you want the best sodas ever, go to Dublin (Texas). Anyone on here know what I'm talking about?


fine here

did not think about it

cant change it either :/

We have an issue. I am using both consoles and PC... PSP and NES still counts as consoles... And there is no way to choose both PC and Consoles...

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It's all good :D Dr. Pepper, sadly is something that is forgotten about after the two big names. Sort of like any Third Party Candidate after the Republicans and Democrats ...


Seriously why didn't you use the Google Form? Much better. Allows for multiple choice, editing, ect....

Also. More questions pls. I love polls/surveys.

can I embed those?

feel free to suggest

This page in Vivaldi uses 130MB Ram. It works though.

I don't think you can embed but I really don't think that is a necessity. It is so much better that it outweighs it.

Umm Political Affiliation (Left, Right Center), Firearm ownership, Primary Gaming Appliance on PC (Desktop, Laptop), Headphones or Speakers, Cars or motorcycles, mobile carrier, glasses, none, contacts, preferred browser, married, gf, single (lmao this one will be easy to predict)...

I'll think of more.

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Meanwhile in Firefox town.

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