[SOLD] Gamecube PC

The buyer of my last comission build dissapeared. With no sign of life from him since February 26, and numerous messages on PayPal, I consider he’s now gone and I’m looking for a new owner.

I’m selling the Gamecube PC that was built in this build log:

Parts list:

Asus PN53
Crucial RAM 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5 5600MHz
2TB nvme Gen 4 SSD
2x Noctua NF-A4x10 5V
Nintendo Gamecube adapter

There was already a $300 US deposit made on the build, so I’m looking only to recoup the remaining balance of $1000 US + shipping.



Hope it finds a good home, good build


Woah, this is a both a tragedy and an opportunity.

What CPU is in this beauty? I’m having trouble finding info about the PN53. Seems like it’s got a bunch of options.

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Hahaha ya

Ya there is several options of CPUs for the PN35. This one is a 6800H, so with a Radeon 680M for the graphics.


Damn, I am tempted.

Problem being, I just bought a laptop like a month ago, so finances do be tight. I’ll give it a think, hopefully someone else comes and takes this poor financial decision away from me haha


Hahaha ok no problem :yum:

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So like… Dumb question… But can I plug in a gamecube controller into the normal controller port and play games via dolphin?

I would assume yes.

Dude left a $300 deposit that sucks.

Is the back a 3D print? Or did you cut out the window for each port and the heatsink in the original casing? Just seems like a very different offset of purple from the rest of the casing.

Hahaha yes, that was the main point of it. And it’s using an official Gamecube controller adapter to so. You can see some games being played with the Gamecube controller here:

Ya, that was a pretequesite from me to cover my back in case he would changed in mind and forgo having it. In thise case he just disappeared totally, and don’t want to sit on that money to lose value :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

The back has been cutted out. You can see it being done in the link below. Ya there is a different shade because I needed to repaint the piece after having modified it. Went with the nearest colour I could get, but not an exact match. But it’s in the back too, so it’s not as if you were looking at it most of the time


This is awesome and seriously tempting as a HTPC


The Gamecube have been sold over on reddit. @SgtAwesomesauce you’re safe you will not need to make that poor financial decision lol


Congrats on the sale, and my crisis is now averted :sweat_smile: