iPhone hacking tools leaked online

Everyone on this website knows the story and the saying. It's not a matter of if, but when hackers will gain access to hacking tools that would allow them to decrypt devices if tech giants like Apple or Google made such tools.

Well Apple didn't comply with the FBI in that well known case, but there was another firm that helped the FBI gain access to encrypted iPhone. And their hacking tools were just leaked online: http://www.redmondpie.com/firm-that-helped-fbi-break-into-san-bernardino-iphone-gets-hacked-tools-leaked-online/


I think a "We told you so" is incredibly appropriate here, isn't it?

If I read it correctly in the article it says

Newer devices should be fine

But I believe that it goes to show that also devices deemed to be safe are not that safe indeed.

Even tough I am not in the Apple department I will not point fingers at them and say that they fucked up because I can already see that coming around biting me in the butt.

We'll see what cages that will rattle on though and fingers crossed that some people will take something away from this incident.

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