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Windows Place to Discuss Windows. Looking Glass This is the official topic for the Looking Glass KVMFR Project. Feel free to ask for help or discuss the project here. This topic’s intent is to provide an official home for Looking Glass discussion outside of Discord/IRC and try to bring this community together in a commonplace. Mac The place to Discuss Apple Mac OS and Software for Apple Computers. Linux Welcome to the Linux category. BSD This category is for everything BSD - FreeBSD, FreeNAS, pfSense, etc… Open Source & Web-Based Place to discuss Open Source Software. VFIO
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Sysadmin Mega Thread

Welcome to the Sysadmin Megathread If you are a sysadmin or are interested in systems administration, this is the place for you. All are welcome, from homelab-hobbyist to senior security analyst. Come here to talk about…

1818 February 23, 2020
About the Software & Operating Systems category 3 September 22, 2017
How to configure/customize glances/conky and determine which sensor is what? 6 February 27, 2020
Rolling Release VM/ZFS Host? TRX40 7 February 26, 2020
Has anybody gotten audio working in Linux on Aorus X570 Master? 6 February 26, 2020
RX570 stopped working in Windows 10 w/ GPU pass through 5 February 26, 2020
Need help figuring out why Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS is crashing 2 February 26, 2020
Looking for a Linux based email archiving solution 2 February 26, 2020
Need help with a systemd timer 3 February 26, 2020
Limited fuctionality with Creative Soundblaster AE-9 3 February 26, 2020
The small linux problem thread

This thread is dedicated for problems that don't necessarily deserve their own thread. Post your small problems in here if you think that's a good idea. I actually fixed the problem I was having while writing this thre…

2999 February 26, 2020
Alternative to Nvidia Grid Multi GPU virtualization 6 February 26, 2020
[Guide] Painlessly adding audio support to a Looking Glass windows 10 machine using Scream! 27 February 26, 2020
Small windows problems thread

I just noticed we don't have this. Basically any windows shit that breaks and, like me, you don't use windows and don't know what wierd bullshit it wants, throw it in here and hope to god someone has an answer.

135 February 26, 2020
Issues with sound watching L1T on Floatplane with Ubuntu 18.04 4 February 26, 2020
Linux is Lovely! 27 February 26, 2020
Open Source Accounting Software? 6 February 26, 2020
Best practice Mac Management in a Domain
4 February 26, 2020
ZFS on Linux, version 0.8.3 released (with SIMD) fixes 27 February 26, 2020
Disabled Gamer needs help w/ accessibility in Linux 13 February 25, 2020
Linux multiple GUI sessions on same machine 8 February 25, 2020
/home on ZFS, PopOS 18.04 LTS, Users added via useradd do not get a diretory in /home, Why? 16 February 25, 2020
IOC Fault when importing pool (mps_reinit, HBA LSI Card, Freenas)
9 February 25, 2020
Windows 10 Reserved Memory 12 February 25, 2020
Unable to connect to pfSense remotely using OpenVPN 1 February 25, 2020
QEMU Intel HDA in Windows 10 1903 Fixed 1 February 25, 2020
Some devices from IOMMU group not grabbed by vfio-pci 1 February 25, 2020
Lets Embark On A Troubleshooting Adventure with your pal![i need troubleshooting] 1 February 25, 2020
My First VFIO Build [Guidance] 7 February 25, 2020
Windows PowerShell, Should I memorize everything or can i just google it as needed 27 February 25, 2020