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Surface Studio on Linux

Hi all ,
I’ve been searching around ever to try to find someone who’s tried to put linux on a surface studio. Its sad and I would do it in a heartbeat if I had the necessary funds to buy one. There is barely any documentation out there for the surface studio linux issues(only people speculating and questions rising about it). I look on Surface Linux threads and couldn’t find anything so I’m curious if anyone in this community have a surface studio and has tried putting linux on it.
If you have then I have a lot of questions to ask like:

What works when you install Ubuntu?
Can it run Debian no issues? How about fedora?
Does the multi-touch input work? How about the puck and the pen?
How unstable is Linux on the surface studio?
Were you able to dual boot or do a fresh full install of linux?
Did anything change with the UEFI or EFI ?

I would like to say thank you for your time for the people responding to this thread.

The surface studio is a regular computer with a touch screen. There is no reason for linux to not work on it.

The only thing that probably wouldn’t work is the dial thing. Other than that, it shouldn’t be different than a touch screen laptop.

Not necessarily true, the digitiser isn’t a normal touch screen that’s had drivers for a while, it may likely not work, among other things.

The current state of surface devices you can find here

Unfortunately the studio hasn’t been tested by anyone who’s shared their results there, but I would guess that you may find similar issues to the ones listed on some of the newer surface devices they do have there.

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Thats the part and I wanted to see if anyone had already done it here.