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"one man's trash other man's treasure" trade / giveaway thread ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) (115)

This thread is here to trade or give away old hardware you actually want to throw away but can still be used by someone. How to? post a comment with: Name of item(s) condition of item at least one picture possible de…

You must atleast be a Basic User [Trust Level1] to offer items for sale (3)

To be allowed to sell items on our forum, that members may buy. You need to have atleast a "Basic User" status (Trustlevel1) or higher. This is for trying to avoid potential scams. For any additional rules according to…

***PLEASE READ*** Buy/Sale/Trade Official Rules and Guidelines (3)
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[WTS] MSI Z270-A Pro, Celeron G3930, 4GB Crucial DDR4 2400, 1x-16x PCIE risers, and more (4)
[WTS] 12tb-6tb Seagate HDDs, Toshiba SSD, Mechanical keyboard ALL GONE (7)
[WTS] Truckload of Cases blowout sale (Just an InWin 509 left) ( 2 3 ) (44)
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[sold] ( 2 ) (35)
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