[WTS] Rack Upgrade misc old parts [USA]

Prices to come and probably a few more items

10GB Chelsio T520 = $40 + Shipping

LSI SAS9207-8e - $30 + Shipping

Intel X540 T2 - $20 + Shipping (PENDING Argone )

Dual Port PCI-E x1 1Gbps Intel 82576EB E1G42ET/EF E1G44ET Gigabit Server Adapter - $7 + shipping

L1T DP1.2 Dual Monitor, 4 Computer KVM - $400 Shipped

On Ebay

GoXLR Mini - $100 + Shipping

Nvidia Quadro P1000 - $80 + Shipping

TL-SG3210XHP-M2 (v2.6 all hardware issues seem fixed in this one had to RMA first two they gave me which were the early gen this one was solid but had a major switch upgrade hence the 3 listed here) - $250 + Shipping

Netgear Prosafe MS510TXPP - $350 Shipped

Sold items

MikroTIK CRS312-4C+8XG-RM - $500 Shipped (Sold ucav117 )

Adaptec AEC-82885T - $20 Shipped (Sold: Flaming_Globe )

DDR 4 4x 16gb ECC UDIMM 2666 - $20 per stick - (Sold ucav117 )

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Prices added

Adaptec card Sale pending


@mutation666 would that RAM work in the Asrock Rack mobo you sold me earlier this year?

Should as ddr4 ecc udimm,but these never made it into that board tho when I owned it.

Pending sale DDR4 ECC

DDR4 Sold

Bump Have a good weekend

Bump POE and 10g switches L1T KVM

Received in a timely manner. Thanks for the sale!


Bump plan to move switches to Ebay beginning of next year


Do you know if that can negotiate 2.5G on the Ethernet ports?

Pretty sure can test / look up documentation later

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"Number of 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Ethernet ports 8 "


Let me se how the finances are after new years. I just blew through $1000 between the stuff I bought from you, HDD’s, and the Sliger case.


So your saying you need layaway


x540-T2 Sale Pending

If that’s an option maybe lol