Four (well, 3 and a half.. 3 and 1/3) ancient beamspring keyboards for sale cheap to good home

I have these beamspring units. I want to get rid of them.

I would love to see them go to a good home and or get restored, especially if you make a project on here of restoring them and you can keep them.

I am willing to let them go pretty cheap to a good home, but the shipping will be like 40lbs since they way a ton, each.

None of them have cords; I haven’t verified any of them work. I pulled some caps off of one and I have done the evaporust thing to restore springs on model F and M with pretty decent success… but I am never going to have time to really bring these back to their glory days. I thought about packing all this stuff into a box “Retirement Project: Beamspring restoration” for my future self but… I am happy enough with the Model F guy’s beamspring keyboard and I will just hang on to that forever instead. :slight_smile:

Open to trades too I guess? The “hottest” beamspring keybaord was this one: … I never managed to get my hands on one of those. Crazy, because in college, I had saved a few of these from the landfill. Its there right next to my daystar mac clone with dual processors which wasn’t even properly supported by macOS7/8.

the half:

Some of the kinds of damage and rust you’re up against:


My wife would kill me, very tempting though…

I could take those off your hands - I’ve restored a poor condition beamspring before and these would make a good challenge. I could use the “half” to make something custom. What’s the best way to contact you?

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I’ve never owned my own beamspring but have designed a custom case for one, my discord is @hirdygirdy if you would part with one or more of the boards I would love to give them a home :slight_smile:

Nice find! I’m interested in one or more models, let me know how to contact u and my discord is silex310:)

I’ve done some pretty wacky projects with beam-spring boards before. Check out Keebal,com. If you want to see them turn into something new let me know.

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