[WTS/T] 3x Solid State Modded iPod Classics (2x 128GB, 1x 512GB)

I am located in Toronto, Canada I have no problems shipping anywhere in the world. these units will easily fit in a padded envelope so shipping shouldnt cost too much. In terms of trades, i’m open to various things. Feel free to shoot me an offer.

--------Benefits of going Solid State--------

  • Massive improvements to its battery life. Anywhere from 1.5-3x compared to Hard Drive based iPods
  • Syncing times decrease and UI Lag and the annoying gaps between songs gets significantly reduced
  • Device becomes completely impervious to impacts, drops, and to an extent, the effects of gravity
  • Reliability improves significantly. The second largest and by far the worst failure point (Hard Drive) is no longer a real issue for many years to come.
  • Device becomes lighter. About 30% lighter. You’ll notice the difference immediately.


MODS - sorry if the pics below dont have the username tags on them. I know they technically should but It was easier to reuse the pics from my kijiji ad. You can use the Serials to verify its the same unit. If you really dont like it then i can redo the photos.

512GB iPod Classic 7th Gen in Space Grey
This unit is the highest capacity one ive got at the moment.
-Its got a 512GB PNY SD card and and iFlash Solo ZIF to SD adapter.
-In my testing, i managed to get 42 Hours of non-stop playback at 70% volume using its default OS and its original battery.
-Its in very good shape, but it does have that slight scuff on the right side (nothing a cheap case cant hide though)
--------$400 USD or $510 CAD--------
–NOTE–: This unit has a track limit around 50,000 tracks. This limitation depends on Song Metadata, iTunes Database size and physical RAM on the unit so your actual limit will vary. Installing Rockbox on this ipod will remove this limitation completely. Also, formatting and rebooting takes forever, mostly because of the huge capacity so just give it extra time.

128GB 5G iPod Classic White/Black “Panda” Edition
-This particular unit was actually my own personal ipod for a while but sady i do have to part with it for various reasons.
-I’ve actually rebuilt most of this ipod. It’s got:
*new front face
*new rear case
*new black clickwheel
*new large capacity battery
*new headphone jack
-this ipod gets about 42 hours at 50% volume and has a massive standby time
-Its using an iFlash Zif to CF Adapter, iFlash CF to SD adapter, and i believe its got a 128GB Lexar SD card if memory serves me well.
--------$230 USD or $290 CAD--------
–NOTE–: This unit has a song limitation somewhere around 20,000 songs, though your mileage may vary. This is due to physical ram on the ipod and itunes database size. installing Rockbox removes this limitation.

128GB iPod Classic 7th Gen Silver
This unit’s got some wear and tear on its edges, but its still in great shape conpared to many others of its age.
-I got around 45 Hours of non-stop music playback at 50% volume and around 42 Hours @ 70%
-This one’s got an iFlash ZIF to CF adpter and a 128GB Toshiba CF card
--------$220 USD or $280 CAD--------
–NOTE–: This unit has a track limit around 50,000 tracks. This limitation depends on Song Metadata, iTunes Database size and physical RAM on the unit so your actual limit will vary, though youll hit the storage limit way before that. Rockbox eliminates this limitation completely

If you’d like, i can also flash mod your own ipod classics if thats something you’re interested in. I know a fair bit about this process and ive done many of these units. Can be done on 4G ipods, 5G ipods, 6G ipods, 7G ipods, and iPod Mini’s. 1G-3G ipods didn’t play nicely with CF cards. Send me a DM if you’d like.


I want one so badly… Always have.

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They’re easy to make, its just that finding a reasonably priced ipod classic that isn’t either dead or all dinged up is hard. Sometimes you can buy dead ones for cheap, fix em’ up and mod them, but thats extra work and is risky. They take regular SD cards and theres adapters specifically made just for these ipods. Theres a couple more details like song limits, max capacity limits for certain units, and what SD cards work but generally they’re easy to make (if you can somehow manage to actually open an ipod classic without damaging it).

I’ve worked for classics for many years so i know these fairly well, and i had some classics kicking around in my collection so i figured id mod them and sell some. The panda version was actually my personal daily driver for a while but i’ve switched over to a modded 16GB ipod mini.

Interestingly this works on Microsoft Zune devices as well, though restoring Zunes is a massive pain these days.

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I was wondering if you are still modding Ipod Classic players?
I’m in Toronto, also :slight_smile:
Thanks so much!
Be well!
Best Regards,
Kevin H.


I am located in Toronto and wanted some support on this ipod i recently purchased. It looks like a flash mod however restoring it on Mac/Windows or even reformatting it is an issue. I’d be willing to compensate you on any troubleshooting with it.