[WTB] Fractal Node 304 or similar in usable condition

Hello all,

Looking for a Fractal Node 304, or any mitx case with 3.5 inch 3+ hard drive bays. Any usable condition, if there is a giant cut/abrasion on it well. Thats what sharpies are for. North East USA. Can pay for shipping if its ok.

Did you mean ITX or mATX

This is good, the only issue being… I am strapped for cash at the moment hence trying to claw back any few spending dollars I can.


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I got this one for a friend before and its pretty nice

Gotta watch cooler height

was what I used for it, I paid like $22 for it

The thing with shipping cases as its generally pretty expensive so not really worth it. You can sometimes find deals on ebay but price probably wont end up much below that as shipping is killer.

I would check out Craigslist/FB Market place and the like if you want a true low price.

Best price I ever got was
Used Silverstone ‎CS-DS380B Mini-ITX NAS Computer Case for $110 Shipped

Yea, that’s true. Just stubborn over my experience with fractal cases. Front panel on every one of them died and are overpriced IMO for what they are. I got the corsair 4000D for $80 bucks and I love every second of it. I didn’t want to sink more money into fractal cases that end up being left on the curb.

I am going to try and sell my Fractal define 7.

You can get replacement front panel and might even mail you one free. Never hurts to ask

Oh yea for sure…I’ve done that. It’s just I’ve done it for three of four. The fourth is dead too, I just can’t be bothered. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Damn sad, I think of the 3 cases I had one of them had died on me so guess that a trend for sure.

Time to create a burner account

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Yeah Craigslist was slim picking when I look there these days.