[Want to buy] Supermicro H13SAE-MF (Ryzen AM5)

Hi Guys,

long story short, my new productive system didnt live long enough on the testbench to be even shipped to the DC. I had an Asrock Board inside the machine and the IPMI Chip failed.

So im trying to replace it with trusted Supermicro Gear. Does someone already have their Hands on an H13SAE-MF Mainboard for a reasonable price?

(Shipping excluded)

I have a quote from Supermicro directly, around $420, but shipping sometime in october which is too late.

Considering New or Used Gear. Can someone help out?

Provantage appears to have 15 in stock @ 451USD. Maybe that works for you?

I’ve placed two orders with them in the past: one for an AM4 motherboard, which shipped and arrive within a week, and later for RAM…but that order was cancelled (suspected fraud, which is slightly amusing given the successful first order) and I could never get a hold of anyone to resolve it. So I guess, tread with caution (but I think most people here seem to not have an issue with them?).


Used them once a few years back would not wory

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Hi there, thanks for your suggestions and feedback about provantage. I nearly purchased it through them, then postponed it for another 2 days and then get a lucky call from my vendor who had it in stock. Currently I built the machine with the new board, so we can close this topic.

Thanks for helping out!