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The VFIO and GPU Passthrough Beginner's Resource


Seems like we get a new thread almost every day with people having the same problems setting up a passthrough VM. The Purpose of this Wiki is to be a resource and reference for people who want to set up a VFIO system, or have one already and need advice or Tutorials for the various facets of that system.

I will be adding categories like ‘input’ ‘screens’ etc – these can be expanded as necessary.

Basic Setup

Guides on setting up a passthrough VM

The archwiki guide:

This is the gold standard in passthrough setup tutorials. It is by and large the most complete, best maintained, and most accurate reference available. The vast majority of the information is completely distro agnostic, with the single caveat being mkinipcio being distro specific (dracut on fedora etc)

This should always be your first reference.


Information on various ill documented or not-oft-explained aspects of VFIO. Benchmarks should also be put here as the effectiveness of many commonly suggested tweaks are not very well characterized.

Hardware buying and quirk guide:


resources for people looking for keyboard/mouse input sharing solutions or other input-related topics.


Information on best practices for images, VirtIO, etc.


VFIO Topics pertaining to your VM’s display, native or otherwise.


VM audio resources.

Distro Specific

Apparmor, distro specific software, issues, and workarounds.

Tools and Projects

Software that enhances the VFIO experience, or VFIO use cases outside of GPU passthrough

This is a tool that allows users to take advantage of KVMFR, using 3d accelerated VMs without needing a native display


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