[Official] Devember 2022!

:fire: Ah sh*t…here we go again. :wink:

Update – Since a few people have asked for more time, The Judgening will take place 1 week from today.

Finish up your projects and get them submitted by EOD next Thursday, Feb. 9th! Devember submissions are over when this post is locked.

It’s Devember ya’ll! Fire up your PCs and may the best project win! We are going to give a little more time this year for those of you who are feeling ambitious and need that bit of extra time.

As always, we are sponsored by Linode to bring you some free stuff! We have a wide variety of L1T swag and tech available!

Of course, the Minecraft Server is up and running too!

IMPORTANT - We’re only people, remember to keep the scope of your project within a reasonable range for you to achieve :stuck_out_tongue:

Best of luck!


Linode, in particular, is doing a new approach with their marketing. They are building a genuinely useful resource for learning, which I love. Unlike AWS tutorials, where you get shackled to AWS automation, you don’t really get the same “Linode Beergoggles” when you learn from this resource:

With AWS, it’s not really until later that you’ve got a lot more experience that you’re comfortable with other services. There is a time and place for AWS, but imho the best way to leverage cloud service sis like what Troy Hunt does which is leverage each service against every other service to minimize costs. It’s really brilliant. I digress…

:face_with_monocle: What is Devember?

@wendell been doing this Devember stuff for the better part of a decade. It started small, but we have more participants every year! It’s great fun, and I’ve met a lot of cool devs along the way (hat tip mods et al, you know who you are). A lot of the time I hear about paying work, students getting jobs because of our help with their “github profiles” (and whatnot – you get hte idea). Some of you have gone on to great things, won awards, etc.

This year we’re doing Devember through the end of the January. Work-from-home is here to say, and the skills you build in Devember have never been more in demand. Linode is basically giving away free trials for all your cloud space projects. Do you use Amazon AWS or Azure for work stuff? You might be surprised how expensive those alternatives really are! :smiley:

In a word, Devember is a challenge . One that you impose upon yourself; to code for one hour each and every day in the month of December. You do this for the sake of the pursuit of knowledge.

The challenge is pretty open. You can decide for yourself what you wish to do: learn a new language, learn a new stack, develop an ambitious project, continue from a previous project, or just have a little fun.

:thought_balloon: Suggestions

To be frank, it’s unrealistic to code for a solid hour straight if you do not have a plan. That is why I suggest everyone either does the agile method of development or spend the first few days formulating a plan and then spend the rest of that time executing that plan.

From past years’ challenges, we have learned a lot. One thing I’ll share is that people live busy lives and may not be able to fully commit. We totally understand that life can get in the way of things, however, we don’t want that to discourage you. Any effort, no matter how small, towards a goal is net positive progress.

:balance_scale: Rules

  1. If you would like to sign up for this challenge, simply make a thread with the tag, #devember2022 – The thread can be either under #blog or #code.

  2. Next, reply here with a link to that post. Tell us a little about you, and your idea or project. Link to your git account or test site (or don’t, if you don’t want to).

  3. If you just signed up, we might need to bump your ability to create new posts in blog/code. If that happens just reply here, and we’ll help.

  4. When you reply, try to make a 1 line statement about your objective, such as this example:

My Devember project is to learn the Go language by creating or adapting a CMS back-end that’s compatible with a React frontend and is compatible with Wordpress’ Gutenberg editor.

My other Devember project is that IoT thing I talked bout on Patreon a while back…

PLEASE also tag your project as: devember2022

:thinking: Ideas

If you need some ideas, please feel free to ask. Usually, you commit to doing at least an hour a day, but I think we can be flexible. You can just ask in a reply here. Once you’re all set use the EDIT function to try to keep this thread clean.

:medal_sports: Perks

If you complete this challenge then you get a shiny new badge, the Devember Badge!

:wrench: Helpful Stuff

Useful tutorials on most of the languages.

Happy coding! :heart:

… don’t feel like doing work stuff? We also have a Minecraft contest going for roughly the same time period, link coming soon™


First, Couldn’t resist sorry


Thanks Amber!

and sarge…


My link says it all. Desperately looking for an idea to kick off a Devember project, but my toddler addled brain is hopeless as of late.

Appreciate any input from the community.



I’ve been wanting and thinking about building a app to have better control over the audio in windows which will store and restore levels for master, application, and microphone along with some extras and using HTML. It’s not really unique, but I want to do it anyway and I want to do it my way.

I created the thread yesterday already. Can a mod please move my thread to the correct section?


Hi all, For this year’s Devember I will try to build a project I call “Flipgif”.

Flipgif lets the user create a 10 second doodle, renders it to a .gif, and then creates a sharable link to send to whoever they like.

Read more about it here!


Hello everyone…
I started my project already while waiting so I am some part in.
I will try and tag it with the proper tag.

My Devember project is a small management videogame about managing and creating your own whisk(e)y distillery.

Best of luck to all Devember participants :slight_smile:


My Devember project is to create a website that will allow the user to set up custom timers and put these timers in a loop, mainly with the goal of metering rock climbing work outs

A Simple Man’s Attempt at Devember (and a Timer)


My December project is to work on my custom game engine, Canis, along side a small tower defense game.



“Hey, uhh, they’re all starting to do the thing on their own this time, we should probably put the thread up now.” - The L1T crew, probably

TL;DR: Writing a bootloader that will mirror anything that can be treated as a storage device, hopefully containing an OS, onto a RAM disk and then try to boot from it.

Obviously more to it than that, and a bunch of generic utilities being made along the way, but that’s the idea.


My Devember 2022 project is going to be a raspberry pi/arduino powered PDU for my homelab rack.


Just signed up to try out the Devember challenge

  • My project is aimed at learning self-hosting, SSO, automation and containers by attempting to build and self-hosting platform with integrated single sign on and service management.

  • My other project is aimed at learning building GUI applications and flatpack packaging by building a graphical user interface for my fork of tlbx script which creates containers for working on projects(just like fedora’s toolbox).

Hello everyone,

My #Devember2022 project is to build a simple app to pull an RSS feed from a local newspaper and have it print the major articles from it on a network printer. A bit strange I know but I go it greater detail in my post.

~ I still need to link my GitHub on the post.

A very (hopefully) Discord to IRC relay chat bot written in Python.

Howsit, thought I might suppliment my #devember2021 effort (brutally simple firewall) with something that has been weighing on my mind recently (fs=filesystem)

a hybrid filesystem, that can be used to interpose between a fs startpoint and fs endpoint(s) (files and/or directories), used as RAM only fs (re/create on mount), or create compacted inode compatible fs for traditionally sparse (read: wasteful) inode fs structures (eg1 web server user and/or hostname tree and subree structures.) (eg2 IPv4/IPv6 catalog as filenames)

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My Devember 2022 project is to investigate and time willing, is to create a deep fake of the L1 crew announcing my win of Devember 2022. [Important Edit: As per my post linked below, I promise I will contact anyone whose likeness is used in this research before releasing any output be it stills, videos, models or highly novel code.]



Hello, I’m probably breaking the rule here by trying to do something too ambitious, but hey - I have to start somewhere.

The main idea is to use my laptop as a keyboard device for a second PC via USB type-C. I have no idea what I’m doing.


My Devember project to create a toolchain to populate and update a mastodon instance with stock trades of US politicians.


For my Devember project I’m taking the “not too ambitious” policy to heart. Last week I made a RESTful, SQL based “leaderboard” web service for a casual game I was working on. I plan on expanding out the features on that service, and making a web front end so that other game developers could use it.